Monday, September 1, 2014

August 25, 2014

Family and Friends!!!
I apologize but there is literally no time to write today.  With transfers and Sister Tew going home things are crazy.  Plus we are going to have the best pday ever today!  We are going to the Denver stadium, having a special date with the nuggets mascot, and then going to an amusement park with a giant slide that goes around a mountain.  So obviously we have a lot to do today and almost no time! 
 But I am staying here in Denver!  And I will be training a new missionary!  I am excited for this transfer but also extremely stressed.  Last week almost everyone dropped up so we are now going to start from scratch.  It will be rough but I do love a challenge.  It makes me work harder.
  Sister Tew is going home and I am going to miss her like crazy!  She has become one of my best friends and I am going to miss her to death!  I will be sending a bunch of pictures next week!
   Honestly, it is super sad to be killing off all of my favorite companions. :(  It's sad not to see them for almost 8 months.  But I know that we will always be best friends.  
  Clara is amazing!  Her testimony is still strong and I love her to death.  She didn't get married so she is not baptized yet.  But we have faith for this upcoming transfer.  
   I love everyone so much and I love my mission more then anything!!!   The gospel is true and true happiness comes from living the commandments and helping those we love come to the same knolwedge that we have!  
  Hasta la proxima semana!!!
-Hermana Adair

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