Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dec. 14, 2013

So I am emailing a little early this week because I am leaving the CCM on Monday, and probably wont be able to contact anyone again until my next p-day in Colorado.
  Wow.  Time has flown by so fast.  It is so hard and surreal to believe that I will be in Denver in a day and a half.  The CCM has become my home and I feel like I don´t know anything else besides this.  It is just so normal for me to be here and I will feel so out of my element in Denver.  First off, it is going to be freezing cold.  I have no idea how I am going to survive through the winter.  No idea.  I´m at least pretty sure that a few of my toes will be gone by the time I get home.  The sacrifices we missionaries make for others.  What saints we all are.
  Once again, who knows what even happened this week.  The days blur together and I never have any idea what the date is.  
   On Wednesday we studied, went to class, spoke really bad Spanish, and...... Oh, we did do a service project that day.  We helped out in the kitchens of the comedor and it made me feel right at home, just like the good old days at Costa.  We cleaned the floors (Of course I was pro because of yrs of practice), sorted silverware, and got to see how the disgusting food here was made.  Honestly, I love all of the workers here.  They work so hard to provide for us and they are all so kind and cheerful.  BUT, their food is no bueno.  Siempre.   And we got to wear really really cute hairnets the whole time.  Pretty Lucky right.   But it was fun afterwards when we put them on as beards and the natives kept yelling "Santa Claus!" at us in broken english haha.
   Then lets see...more studying, more broken spanish, more class time, little sleep, bad food, and great people.  
   All day friday was our in-field orientation.  So we basically sat around all day and listened to other people talk for hours.  It actually wasn´t that bad.  All of the information was really good and it definitely calmed our nerves about going into the field.  It´s is going to be so hard, don´t get me wrong.  I know that will be spending Christmas with a family ive never met before, who probably doesn´t speak a word of English, and I know I will want to cry every single day.  But I also know that it will get easier.  And that in a few weeks, once the language truly starts to come, that being a missionary will be second nature to me.  
    Here at the CCM we get a debit card with 120 pesos on it every week, just for emergency things and so what.  And there is a little Tienda here that we can buy things and go shopping (don´t use your imagination too much, it is about the size of my bedroom)  But we love going to the tienda!  They play christmas music there now and it makes us feel almost normal haha.  Anyway, yesterday was our last day there so we just went and tried to blow all of our pesos.  We would buy a few things, and our card wouldn´t decline, so we would go in line again.  And then repeat over and over until we finally ran out.  I am pretty sure the Hermano there was tired of helping us out, but he was still super nice about it.  So mi familia, hold your breath for the best christmas presents that la tienda offers haha.  
   Remember how I told the story about Hna. McRae walking in on the little latino women in the bathroom.  Well I have now had a similiar experience.  But mine was with a fellow missionary.  I don´t know why she didn´t say anything to me, I was singing at the top of my lungs all the way to the bathroom.  I had no idea she was in there until I opened the door and she was there.  As soon as I opened the door she screamed and I was like "oh, lo siento!"  I really wasn´t embarrassed but every time she sees me now she gets really red and embarrassed.  I feel really bad but laugh really hard haha.  These kind of experiences happen a lot here at the CCM.  You truly havn´t been here long enough until you walk in on someone in the bathroom.  
   The other day we played the funnest game of handball with our District.  It was so much fun and I now love playing it.  But as I was shooting for a goal my arm went out and Elder Wegrowski ran right into it at full speed.  Basically like a charging bull.  My arm bent back as far as it could until it would go no further.  He fell to the ground and had the breath knocked out of him and I sat there thinking my arm was dislocated.  Dont worry it isn´t.  But it was really funny.  And Elder Hettinger made it even funnier with his comments "thats what you get for trying to stop Adair"  "you wish you could get past here".
    I have truly loved my District so much and just think they are all so fun.  We are seriously the best district here.  They are all like my family and everyone will be such a great missionary. 
  Well, here it is.  Denver or Bust!  Wish me luck!  
I love you all!
  Hermana Adair
Dec. 10, 2013

Thanks for writing me!  You liked Frozen?  All of my companions sisters have written them about it and have said they loved it!  I am excited to see it, we need to put it on the list for when I get back home.  Sledding sounds fun, but the cold and snow dont haha.  I love the weather here, it is paradise and I am scared to get to the cold of Denver.  You want a Kindle for Christmas.  haha and you say because of homework haha like I believe that!  Well good luck, I hope you get one.  All I want for Christmas is cards and letters from everyone.  With pictures drawn haha.  Have you gotten my letters yet?  It takes so dang long!  I love and miss you!
Your Sister!

What!  You didn´t write me this week!  Its ok, I guess I can forgive you.  But I even asked you a lot of questions.  What do you want for christmas?  tell me about sledding and playing in the snow.  Are you going to build a snowman?  Have you seen baby Camden yet?  I really miss you bud.  It is sad not to mess around with you every day, but I am having so much fun in Mexico!  It is warm, but I am inside most of the day studying!  Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode haha.  Love you!  Write me next week!
Love, Andee
November 26, 2013

I am sitting here at the computer and honestly can´t think of anything to type haha.  Time has gone by so fast that I feel like I just emailed yesterday and nothing new has happened.  So my thoughts are not in order and this will probably be a super sporadic and confusing email.  Sorry.  

I love my compañera Hermana McRae!  We have gotten to the point that we know each other so good that all we do is make fun of each other and laugh so hard all of the time.  Actually I feel like my whole District is my family and we have always known each other.  I especially love the other Hermanas.  And guess what!? Hermana Heaton, who is entirely amazing and so much fun, is from St. George.  I forgot to tell you that earlier.  So we have already decided that we are basically going to be best friends for life and travel the world together.  We laugh together all of the time and have a lot of fun.  Hermana Moser is just a few hours north so she will come down some weekends and party with us.  And Hermana McRae and I will get together every time that I am down in Mesa visiting family.  It is awesome how we are all so close and connected.  You know the move "sisterhood of the traveling pants"?  Well we are going to have our own travelling scarf and send it back and forth throughout our mission.  Then we will have a CCM reunion at Disneyland where we will have a ceremony and burn the scarf in front of the castle.  JK, I don´t think that would fly well with security.
    We now have 2 investigators and it seemed like we are teaching all of the time.  Hermana McRae and I work really good together.  We usually don´t thoroughly plan and write out our entire lesson like the other missionaries.  We go in and just let the spirit work as best it can.  The first time we went into a lesson with nothing but our spanish scriptures we were freaking out a little bit.  Because what if we remembered no spanish! But it actually does work!  Our lessons flow and usually make sense and we basically finish each others sentence.  It is really cool and we love that we are basically perfect companions for each other.  We always feel pretty bomb after our lessons.
   Except for our lessons on Friday.  It was a really off day and just basically no bueno.  The Español was not flowing and it was a little rough.  but the outcome was good, our investigator Guirrmo basically begged to be baptized.  So we have a date set for that and now just need to make sure he understands the committment.  And we need to work with Elias more as well.
   Hermana McRae and I sing together all of the time.  She is basically amazing and makes me sound horrible but we have a lot of fun.  Our latest songs have been from Mama Mia haha!  It is a blast.  
  Actually weird thing, a lot of people have commented on how pretty my voice sounds when I sing.  At first I thought everyone was just being really big fat liars until I heard it multiple times.  But I can testify that it is God only making me comfortable with being bold and singling loud.  
    So last week I bragged about not being sick.  But bragging is a sin and now I am paying for it.  Basically the whole CCM is infected with a super bad virus that is a cold on steroids.  Actually its like a cold hulk style.  Just understand that it is pretty bad.  My whole District had it and now I have it.  I have already gone through over 2 packs of kleenix's today and it is not even 3 pm yet!  I hope I will get over it soon.  And Hermana McRae is the only one who has not been sick.  But I tell her she has no chance because she is my companion.  
   This Saturday and Sunday were really rough days for me.  I had the worst migraine I have ever had in my entire life.  Which is truly saying something.  It started Sat. and just escalated and went for almost 2 days straight.  I have never felt more pain then I did those two days.  It got to the point where my body would shake completely, I would get dizzy, throw up, and basically black out to where I couldnt see anything anymore.  It got really scary and I think I freaked my whole District out.  But it also brought the most amazing blessing and spiritual experience I have ever really had.  I asked for a blessing Sunday evening, (dont ask me why I waited to so long to get it.  The only defense I have is that I wasnt right in the head) from our District leader Elder Wegrowski.  He was terrified because he had never given a blessing before and was shaking beforehand.  And it was really cool because all of the Elders in my District joined in as well.  This was the most amazing blessing I have ever received.  It even beat my incredible setting apart from President Rollins.  
   This blessing was so different then anything else.  Just everything it said was so unexpected yet completely made sense.  I was told to do completely simple things and then I would be healed completely from my pain.  Stuff was said about my past that no one knows here.  And stuff was said about my mission in the future and it was totally freaky but incredible.  There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my blessing was from God.  I didn´t hear Elder Wegroskis voice as her spoke, I heard God´s.  It honestly felt more like a Patriachal blessing then just a blessing of healing.  
  After my blessing everyone was sobbing when I looked up.  The spirit was so strong.  It would have probably been too thick to even cut.  No one spoke for at least 15 minutes.  No one could.  And everyone admitted that it was the most spiritual experience they have ever felt in their entire life.  Words can not do it justice, I wish they could.  But I have no doubt that the power of priesthood is truly the power of God.  And this is an experience that I will treasure for my entire life.  And it brought my District together so much.  We really are a family.  
     I don´t know how I got so blessed to have God speak to me in such a profound way.  It blows my mind and I have so much to be grateful for.  I am just glad I am on a mission so I can repay him a fraction of what he has given me.      
But good news.  I have done exactly what I was  told in my blessing and now my migraine is gone.  And even though my cold is rough, I would take this for the rest of my entire life instead of having one day of my previous pain.  So I am completely happy!
   We went to the temple again today.  It was truly amazing.  Just with everything that has gone on and how much I felt loved and blessed by God, it was the best temple experience I have ever had.  And this time I also went through in Spanish.  It went good and I could understand a decent amount of what they were saying.  But when it came time for me to talk I messed up a bit and I think the little Hispanic Hermana got a little irritated with me.  She didn´t understand why I had no idea what she was saying.  But she was super nice afterwards haha  They were decorating the temple grounds for Christmas and covered practially the whole gardens with poinssetas(spelling is comletely wrong.  But the pretty red flowers that are everywhere during christmas)  I only wish we could go at night see all of the lights lit up.  We are thinking of bribing our teacher Hermana León and see what he says haha.  
     I am so sick of the food here.  I just want to eat normal things, especially fruit that I am not allergic to. (cantaloupe, honeydoo, and watermelon)  That is all they ever serve here. Besides some pinnapple occasionally, which is always amazing.  And now we play a game of "who can find the hot dog" first during every meal.  It is pretty depressing.    
 Well, I wish this letter was a little more entertaining or full of funny stories.  But I honestly can not think of anything else to say.  Except I truly have a testimony of this Gospel and it has just grown más grande this past few weeks here in the CCM.  I love everyone so much and can´t wait to have my family grow as I meet more and more people every week!  
-Love, Hermana Adair!

Friday, December 27, 2013

These are some letters that Andee sent the family from the MTC.  They are dated Nov. 11, 2013.  They took five weeks to get to us.

Baylee!!! Mi Hermana!!
    Como Estas?  (How are you)  I miss  you so much already and it has only been a few days!  How is the new room?  It's nice to have your own isn't it.  You will have to send me pictures so I can see how you guys changed everything.  Especially in my room.  How are the fish?  I hope they are still alive.  Haha.  
   The MTC here in Mexico is so cool.  It is beautiful and there are palm trees everywhere!  I live in casa 22 and share a room with 3 other girls.  My companion is Hermana McRae and she is going to my same mission, cool, huh!  Plus she is from Mesa, Az.  
   Spanish is hard but I love it and feel like we are learning so fast!  It's like I am in school for 14 hours a day!  And I have to wake up at 6:00 each morning.  No Bueno!  But we play volleyball almost every day.  Which is so much fun!  The sidewalk here is uper uneven so I trip al of the time!!  Haha!  And they have amazing chocolate chip cookies called, "chokis" that everyone is addicted to!  They are so good!!  You probably wouldn't like the food here, sometimes it is a little weird...
   Do you miss me already?  Has anything exciting happened in Cedar City since I left?  
   I hope you know how much I love you!!  Never forget!
             Love, Hermana Adair
P.S.  We play a game here called falling dinosaurs.  We spin in a circle for awhile and then race as far as we can without falling.  It is fun, you should play it with your friends sometime!  I will try and smuggle you some amazing cookies home.  Try and learn some spanish so we can talk secretly when I get home and no onw will know what we are saying!!

   Tiene mi hermano! (you are my brother. Haha)  Crew!  How is everything?  How do you like your own room?  Did mom let you keep my bass guitar?  I hope so, you better learn to play it!  It is so cool here, you would love it.  The houses (casas) we all live in are different colors.  My casa is #22 and is green.  I'm pretty sure you wouldn't ear any of the food here, but every Tuesday is pizza night.  Woohoo!  
   Guess what?  We found a huge cockroach in our casa last night.  Not in our room but in the hall.  Me and my companion were too scared to step on it- it was huge.  So some other missionaries arrived alte and screamed so loud ( I didn't scream) then killed it and it was so gross!!  Guts everywhere!
   Spanish is fun but alot of hard work, I have to sit in school all day long!  How does that sound?  I showed some other missionaries your baptism pictures and they all thought you were so cute!  They called you a "Stud Muffin"  Haha!  I love you so much and miss you!
   Adios,    Hermana Adair

Mom and Dad,
   Sorry, you guys get to share a letter, I only bought 5 envelopes for this week.  Today is my P-day and I just got done e-mailing everyone.  Even though I wrote quite a bit I have a lot more stories I wanted to tell you but didn't have enough time read the e-mails and then write everything.  So I will probaly send a letter every week with more details and stories.  I tried to put different stories in each letter, so be sure to read them all and possibly type them and put them on the blog, haha- they better tell the experiences I am having.  And sorry if I repeat anythin.  How is the blog- did you remember how to do it?  Does Crew really sleep with my blanket?  How sad- I miss him and the made me want to cry.  I miss home but mostly my bed,  Haha!  Mine isn't very comfy and it is hard for me to sleep way good.  Oh and the shower is horrible!!  Literally only 5 holes work on the shower head nad it is so hard!  I feel like my skin was being ripped off!  It's like a form of torture!  I feel like I am a prisoner of war!!  But we do call the CCM our spiritual prison haha!  Let's see, what haven't I talked about yet...
   My teache is Maestro Leon (like lion, super cool)  He is 22, got off his mission about a year ago and is a native from Mexico City.  He is honestly the nicest and most sincere guy!  He doesn't speak english, which I guess is better for us to learn, but we have alot of fun in class.  WE mainly focus on spanish right now, but do have a few gospel and teaching classes intermixed.  Spanish is amazing!  I don't know tons but I love the language so much.  And even though it is hard and seems impossible to ever be fluent, we really are progressing fast.  I actually understand a little when others speak and I am starting to form actual sentences.  No more going by just one word for this girl anymore!  In my e-mail I talke about our first investigator, Juan Carlos.  It is really hard to teach in spanis right now but each lesson is getting better.  He is reading the BOM has learned how to pray with us, and is going to church with us on Sunday!  Now obviously he is not a real investigator but it still feels good when we improve.  And all of our teachers have told us to pray for him, what to teach him and that the holy ghost will let us know what his needs are.  Hermana McRae and I both thought that was weird at first because he is just acting.  How can we learn what his needs are when he doesn't really have any...?  But it truly does help!  The spirit knows we are only practicing but still know what we need to do.
   I love how much we pray here, it is literally all the time.  And I love how perfectly normal it is to pray in public and not feel weird or out of place.  It will be hard to return to reality once I am out of the CCM.  Me and Hermana McRae pray a lot together-it really makes us closer as companions!  
   The campus is beautiful here- just absolutely gorgeous.  In a way it reminds me of the little town in the movie Edward Scissorhands, haha, just with alot more trees.  All of the casa roofs are different colors, it is so green, and everything just seems too perfect!  Like there is a dark secret about this place or something weird is going to happen, Haha.  But this place belongs to the Lord so I guess it really can be perfect!
   Sundays here are absolutely amazing!  We have study time for a few hours in the morning and then go to Relief Society.  Sister Pratt teaches ( the Presidents wife)  and the lesson was truly amazing!  The spirit was so strong and I loved being surrounded by so many amazing daughters of God!  Plus the meeting was in englis so that was a bonus.  Then we have a meeting with only our distrcit-it's basically sunday school.  Then we have sacrament with our branch.  Our branch consists of 2 other districts and ours.  Everyone is way cool.  Sacrament is in spanish and 6 of us have to speak.  On Thurs. we are assigned a topic and have to each write a talk in spanish, then find out who is speaking an hour or so before the meeting.  I wasn't picked to talk but my companion was!  She was nervous but did great!  I love my branch pres. and his counselor.  They are both amazing men who truly care so much.  They sang, ' Senor te necissito' (I need Thee Every Hour)  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.  And that song might possibly be my new favorite.  Hymns in spanish are so beautiful, you should look some up.
   Here is another cool story about hymns in spanish.  The first day all of the new missionaries sang "Called To Serve" in spanish together and it was very neat.  The spirit was very thick in the room.  
   Anyway, back to Sunday.  We had an hour long meeting where Pres. Pratt taught a lesson.  And of course, it was just amazing.  About being truly converted.  We had a devotional where a speaker came and was hilarious and also very motivationg.  Then every Sunday we get to watch a movie! Yay! It's the best!  (In a Nacho Libre voice)  Of course they are church movies but they are still great!
   Did I mention that I love my district?  Well I do.  Especially Hermana Heaton and Hermana Moser.  There is also Elder Grzan and Nyholm.  Elder Hittinger and Summerhays.  And Elder Wregrowski and Mortimer.  They are all awesome and have a lot of fun.  Sometimes we have tyo seperate or else we will talk too much and not get anything done!  But Hermana Moser, who has never taken spanish ever in her life, is getting really discouraged.  She feels she doesn't understand anything that is going on and cry's almost everyday.  It is so sad to see her because she is the nicest and happiest person I have ever met.  But I know that God will help her.
   I know this is kind of a long letter but I am using it as a way to keep a journal and remember everything.  So be sure to make copies of all my letters and keep them safe!
   Thanks for all of the work to get me here!  I love you both so much!  It is amazing here!
  Love, Hermana Adair 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

                                                December 10, 2013

Since I did not have time to write an group email last week I will be writing about 2 weeks today.  Ill let you know the week changes.  
So the week before was absolutely insane and went by so long.  I felt like it would never end.  Probably because I just kept getting sicker and sicker, I was not sure that I would ever make it out of the CCM alive.  I don´t even know what I had but it was horrible.  For over a week I could barely stand and walk, let alone actually study productively and learn in class.  It was a little rough and I admit that I kept asking God, "Why Now?!"  I need to be learning spanish not falling behind!  But I think I figured out why I had to be so sick last week.
   As I might have mentioned before, Hermana Heaton has been so so sick.  It is with something more permanent and she has had her entire life, but the pain and problems have just escalated since she has come to Mexico.  So I ended up staying with her a few times and trying to get some rest so I might get better.  But we ended up talking a lot more then sleeping haha.  We are so much alike and got into some serious conversation.  Now I feel like she knows me almost as good as anyone.  We both want to do the same things in life and both feel so strongly that we are meant to do something great together and change the world.  We have already planned our first trip together haha.  It is awesome she is right in St. George.  But anyway, after thinking about it, I really think this is why I have been so sick.  I would have never talked to her that much without being on my deathbed.  It was funny because we would look over at each other and just laugh, we were so pathetic looking.  
   The best part of my week was laying in the middle of the sidewalk enjoying the sun with Hna. Heaton.  I was so tired and I have never felt so happy in my entire life.  I did fall off a curb in my sleep and she talked about having cancer and making a wig out of her own hair, but it was a great hour.  
  Thanksgiving was pretty much the same as every day here.  But there was an amazing Thanksgiving meal during lunch!  It was actually a legitimate holiday meal!  No hotdogs involved.  And the pumpkin pie was divine.  I dont know if it was actually the food that was great or it was just something different.  And we had a Thanksgiving devotional that night which was great.  Hna. McRae and Moser were in the choir that night and all of the lights went off when they were singing haha!  We laughed so hard.  
   So you know how I mentioned that Hna. Heaton was so sick...well she ended up having to go home :(  She hasnt been able to get out of bed for a week and just really needed to return home for some medical tests.  So Sunday was a little rough.  We knew she was leaving and it was sad.  During sacrament we sang "God be with you till we meet again" (which is the CCM goodbye song here).  We sobbed throughout the whole song and I am pretty sure that we scared the new Hermanas who came.  But oh well.  
  But funny story, President Pratt (president of the CCM) has been talking with Heaton about her leaving but had missed 4 appointments with her.  He knew how long she had been sick and how bad she needed to go home but didn´t do anything about it for a whole week!  He kept putting it off and it was making us mad because we are the ones who would see her in so much pain.  So, after missing the meeting to plan her flight once again, I went up to Pres. Pratt sunday night, and told him exactly what I thought.  I was completely respectful of course, but let him know that he has to do something more to get Hna. Heaton home.  That he had no idea how bad it was and he needed to step up and get her a flight home.  haha needless to say, he doesn´t like me very much anymore.  
   Anyway, Monday we had to move to a new casa, we are becoming a Trio with Hermana Moser since Heaton was leaving.  McRazy and I were a little nervouse because there is a lot of drama involved around her.  So our new room is tiny!  and Me and McRae share a tiny closet, but esta bien.  Tuesday morning we had to wake up at 2 in the morning to bring Hna. Heaton to reception so she could fly home.  It was so sad but she was rushed onto a van so we really didn´t get to say goodbye :(.  Which is probably for the best.  We are all staying in touch throughout our mission anyway.  
Then pday happened.  It was a super boring day.  We took a nap, did laundrey, had a devotional.  nothing new.
Now onto this week!  (sorry this email is so long.  But once I get started writing I cant stop)
Once again, the days all blend together and I feel like nothing has happened this week.  We went to class, I got a tutor in spanish to hopefully learn a lot more.  Moser had a few breakdowns,  um what else....  Spanish is getting a little better but still so hard.  I just want to speak it so bad but cant.  We did have our best lesson ever the other day.  The spirit was truly there and we were able to teach clearly and get to know our investigator and his needs.  Our Trio has been doing a lot better then we first thought it would be.  We all get along really well and have fun together.
   Have I told you guys my jersey story?  well they sell really awesome Mexico soccer jerseys here at the tienda that you can get your name on, and McRazy and I instantely bought one.  THey take about a week to get here.  The first time they came, they got the entirely wrong size.  A womens small.  Baylee wouldnt have even fit into this size, the latinos are so short and tiny.  So we tried again, and I was so excited to finally get my jersey!  I knew that the joy I would feel from it would instantely heal me from my sickness.  It truly would.  But nay, it was not to be.  Once again they got the size wrong!  It was really frustrating!  We had been waiting almost 3 weeks.  Finally, last friday, we went again and although they got wrong sizes again, they were decent.  So we gave up and just took what we had.  They are fine and we are just excited to finally have them.  
     Another funny story, Hermana McRae had to use the restroom one day, so she goes in while Moser and I just wait out the door.  When all of a sudden we hear screaming, so of course as the good companion I am, I run into the restroom to see what is wrong.  I guess McRae accidently walked in on a small latino worker using the restroom.  So she just stood in the door way, screamed, then yelled "Lo siento! Lo siento!"  It was hilarious!  And then she just kept apologizing from the other stall over.  Oh my gosh, I could not breathe.  But the best part is when we were teaching our investigator the next day, and we saw the same women through the window while we were teaching.  She smiled so big and kept waving to McRae and laughing, It basically made my entire week.
   We got a new district in our zone and our Trio is the new Sister Missionary trainers for all 3 districts.  Which is kind of cool.  It is fun to get to know all of the Hermanas and help them out with whatever.  They all seem so much younger but are exactly the same age as us haha.  
  Now here is a slightly sad story about the new District.  The 2nd day they got here we decided to play Steal the flag with them, trying to be nice and all.  But not even a full minute into the game one of the elders fell and smashed his face into the concrete.  I guess he tripped on something...?  But he came up covered in blood and mission multiple teeth, it was pretty gruesome.  They rushed him to the hospital immediately.  He is going to need some plastic surgery and get new teeth but he is staying at the CCM.  It was just such a weird thing that happened and we all felt so bad.  But he is doing completely fine now, he just cant eat too much, which is hard for those elders.  
  Sunday was as amazing as ever.  The spirit was strong and we were able to watch a live Christmas devotional in the evening.  I can not believe that it is already that time of year.  I love it here.  The grounds are covered in flowers, there are trees, and there is a huge nativity by the comedor.  Plus, a lot of the houses behind us on the hill have put Christmas lights up!  It looks so cool!  Although, most flash different colors and it is a little disorienting.  I wouldnt be surprised if someone got a seizure from them one day.  
  And today is pday again!  We went to the temple this morning and it was so amazing!  The Mexico City temple is beyond gorgeous and I love the Celestial Room.  I just wish that everyone could go there someday.  It was sad to think that this might be the last time I ever get to go there.  I hope not.  But I went through in spanish again, and this time was a lot better.  The lady was so nice and I was able to understand almost everything she was saying.  Once I can finally speak spanish, I know I will love the language so much.  
   Todays letter was way long and way scatter-brained, lo siento.  It is hard to put your thoughts done correctly when you are short on time and want to include everything.  But I want everyone to know that I have a huge testimony of this gospel, and how much it truly blesses my life.  It has honestly become everything to me and all I want to do is share this happiness with the world.  I love everyone so much and am so thankful for the support and love I feel every single day!
Love You all!
  Hermana Adair
p.s. I cant believe I leaving on MONDAY!  Yikes!