Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

This was the week of miracles and of many trials!  As I talked about before we have a huge vision for this transfer and where we want this area to be.  So obviously we are working extremely hard and are expecting miracles.  That is something I love about this gospel, Gos promises us miracles and it is a righteous desire to expect them.  
   So this week we have Clara and Rodrigo.  And also their adorable 3 year old chavvy! Clara is the most prepared person I have ever met before.  She loves this gospel and is now just trying to get her husband rodrigo on board.  Clara reads the Book of Mormon every day and understands this gospel perfectly.  And Rodrigo was not interested at first but he truly has some deep questions and wants to know the truth.  We want them to be baptized so bad and go through the temple as soon as possible.  They are the perfect family!  And our biggest miracle was when they both showed up at church last week!  We are praying and fasting for a miracle this transfer with them!  It can happen but it will require the Lord's help!!  
   Then we have Nayeli who is 18 years old and loves learning about this gospel!  Her entire life she has been so confused about what is true and where she stands with God.  But now she is finding the answers she has always wanted.  She is going to be baptized soon we hope!  And when we first met with her she said that she would never go to church with us!  But she showed up at church yesterday and it was after the first time she worked night shift!  It was a huge sacrifice for her!  But she loved it and we are thrilled.  
    Our next big miracle was with a 14 year old boy named Beto.  We used to teach Beto months ago and he wanted to be baptized but wouldn't come to church.  And he didn't have a phone so it was always so hard to get a hold of him.  But this week I felt really prompted to stop by his house.  so we did.  And he loved seeing us and asked where we had been!  that he was ready to be baptized and wanted this more then anything.  The only thing that is hard is his grandma is living with him and she is devout catholic.  But if we can get his 16 yr old sister Yereli on board then they will both be baptized and never turn back.  Yereli knows this gospel is true and reads the BOM every single day.  But she has just decided it's not right for her in this time of her life.  which is crazy because she knows it is true!  so we are praying for a miracle with Yereli so both her and Beto can be baptized!  
   And then we still have Margarita who is on date.  But she is exhausting to work with.  I love that woman to death but she has so much going on in her life that it is hard to catch her and at times she doesn't understand the importance of the little things.  Like going to church and reading the BOM every single day.  but we are still helping her.
    As you can all see we have so many GOLDEN people who are prepared to accept this gospel.  But this sunday it was hard not to get discouraged.  Only Nayeli showed up at church and we were so confused why no one else did.  We did everything we could possibly do to get them there.  I love this work with all of my heart but it is hard.  You work so hard and do everything possible but people still have their agency.  Which is the greatest gift God gives us but it is also the most frustrating.  We need to see so many miracles this transfer to help these people.  And when you work so hard but never see the fruits of your labors it is hard to expect miracles at times.  But we both are holding to the promise that God made to both of us personally.  That this transfer we would see success and see the fruits of our labors.  And for that I am excited to see miracles.  And see this gospel change more peoples lives.
   I love my mission and I love this gospel!  thanks for all of the love and support I have back home!  Have a great week!!
   Hermana Adair
July 21, 2014

Buenas Tardes mi familia!!
Today is the first week of my new transfer!  How crazy!  I can't believe that the last 6 weeks of my life went by so fast!  Today I am at a random computer in some random library so I won't have too much time to write.
  BUT, my new companion is Sister Tew and she is awesome!  This is her last transfer in her mission and she is a great example for me to follow.  Together we have such a huge vision for this area and for the people who are here.  Actually our vision is so huge that it is a little scary haha.  It will take a lot of hard work and faith to get where we want to be.  But we know that God is a God of miracles.  And both of us were promised very specifically that we were going to see miracles and see success in this area.  Basically we want to change the ward here and also have around 10 baptisms.  Which is going to happen!
   At the moment we are preparing Margarita for baptism on the 24th of August!  She is so ready and is actually excited for her baptism!  Then we have a woman named Crystal who has begged us to be baptized-but she is dating a member.... so we are going to make sure that her intentions are sincere before we unlock that font door haha.  Our biggest miracle this week was when our insanely cute investigator Clara, her husband, and her little boy showed up at church yesterday!!  They are the cutest family and I want to see them through the temple so bad!!  Tonight we have a FHE planned with them at a members house and we can not wait!  
  I am so excited for this next transfer and the opportunity to work hard and see the fruits of my labors!  Also I am making a lot of changes within myself and I can't wait to evolve into the person that God needs me to be!  
  I have such a huge testimony of this work and I love everyone so much!  Thanks for your support!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dear Family and Friends!!!
Transfer calls came on Saturday and I am staying here in Denver Yay!  I love Denver and am excited to stay.  But Sister Marley is leaving and obviously Sister Encarnacion is going home.  
  My companion will be Sister Tew who is an incredible missionary!  This is her last transfer and it looks like I will be killing off another sister haha.  But I am excited.  I know I will learn a lot from her and I know that we will get along and become good friends.  
   As for this past week, well, nothing much happened.  Literally.  there are so many people here and we have so many investigators that I don't understand why at times it seems impossible to teach lessons.  No one was home this week!  And it drove me crazy!  Probably because it is summer and everyone goes on vacation.  And ALL of the hispanics go to Mexico for 3-5 weeks.  Not fun. 
   But we did have some great miracles this week.  The biggest was with Margarita.  She has been making some huge changes in her life and you can just see how much happier she is!  And she basically begged us to get baptized this week.  I know without a doubt that she will be baptized pretty soon.  We are hoping for the end of August since her life is pretty crazy and it will probably take time to help her get there.  But I am excited to see her get baptized!
   Well, this is going to be short today.  It is Sister Encarnacion's last pday EVER so we are going to make it a blast.  Plus they both still need to pack our entire apartment :/ not fun haha.
   I love you all and am so thankful for the amazing people I have in my life!
  Hermana Adair

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7

Buenas Tardes mi familia!!!  Realamente no se que debo escribir esta semana.  El tiempo ha pasado muy rapido y no puedo crear que es lunes otra vez y que hay solamente una semana mas en este translado.  Que Rarro!  
    But seriously, time goes by so fast that I might be starting to lose my mind.  Yesterday was my 8th month mark!  So next month I will be halfway done with my mission!  Then time will really start to fly by.  
   This week nothing too crazy happened.  We had a great noche de hogar (Family home evening) with Gloria Cano and the Bishops family.  She is really started to understand this gospel and progress.  She is on date for baptism at the end of July but that will have to change to August now.  Because she is going out of town for two weeks on vacation.  But she loves the lifestyle of the church and now just needs to really pray to receive her answer.  I am excited for her and hope that she receives a testimony soon.  
  On Tuesday we met this girl named Nayeli who is 18 years old and completely awesome!  She was upfront with us and said she wasn't very religious but was willing to listen.  Until we taught her the Restoration on Thursday.  She loved it and it made so much sense to her.  When we recited the first vision she said she felt chills and that it was the coolest thing ever.  She wants to know everything and has so many questions.  Plus a girl named Demares from our ward keeps coming to her lessons and has really helped her feel comfortable!  I love this girl and she is so opened to this message and ready to accept it in her life.  Hopefully this week we can help her be put on date for baptism!
  Then we have an awesome member in our ward named Lupe Calderon.  She has invited all of her friends to listen to the lessons and we have had a blast teaching all of them!!  They love us and already love the church.  
   On 4th of July we just had a normal day.  We planned all day and then went out to work.  We actually taught one lesson which was surprising.  But then we went over to the Lunas house and joined them for their bbq.  I have to say, it was the best carne asada I have ever eaten in my entire life.  And they had the best tacos ever and mexican corn.  You know, the corn with mayo, cheese, and chili?  It sounds disgusting but it is glorious.  We literally ate for over an hour straight because Josue kept putting new food on our plates and it was all so good that we couldn't stop.  Then we were able to hang out for a bit and watch while the Elders and the members played futbol(soccer)  A game of soccer always breaks out with Latinos.  So 4th of July was a pretty good day.  But sadly we had to go in before we were able to see fireworks :(  pero esta bien.  La obra misional es mejor.  
   Then Saturday we went over to the Luna house with our entire district to clean Hermana Lunas kitchen after the fiesta.  She is a latina woman completely.  She hoards everything and I am pretty sure that she has just been piling up things in that kitchen for over 50 years and has never deep cleaned it.  Our district had a blast cleaning and finding surprises around every corner.  Man, I love my district and will miss them when we finally go our separate ways :'(  But that is just part of the mission as well, it will happen sooner or later.  
   Sunday was awesome!  We had an investigator come and also 2 people who we are going to start teaching.  They loved church and they already love the members.  Actually they already seem like members to everyone else.  It will be happening soon hopefully.  
   As for my health, my miracle happened!  This week I seem to be completely healed!  I feel so much better and my energy is coming back.  Honestly it has a lot to do with Sister Encarnacion haha.  She has helped me so much and I love her to death.  And this is my last week with her, which is so sad.  Because she has finished her mission and will be returning to Utah.  Which is where she lives now instead of Spain.  I won't see her for 10 months.  BUT we already have plans for me to move in with her family haha.  But I am so thankful for her.  She is such a great example for me and has changed my life in a lot of ways.  haha no matter how cheesy that sounds, it's true.
    But transfers are next week and we will see what happens.  But I am 99% sure that I am staying in Denver.  But we never know.  Thanks for all the support I have!  I love everyone so much and I love this Gospel!  I have seen this Gospel change lives and I know that it is the true church.  And I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that serving Him brings more joy then we can every imagine!
  Con Amor,
   Hermana Adair

Our district snuck on the go carts to get a picture.  SHHH. don't tell.

The face i get  from sister encarnacion all the time haha

Elders proposing to each other.

   Dear family and friends.  This email is going to be ridiculously short and I apologize.  But I will try and send pictures this week.  Well, my health has improved.  I have stopped throwing everything up and my body has gained back a lot of strength.  I still have really intense pain in my stomach and might need to see a specialist this week or next.  But I have hope that things will improve.  I got another blessing this weekend, the Elders came over one night when the pain was so bad that I couldn't move.  And God promised me a miracle.  He said there were things I needed to learn from this trial and as soon as I learn them then a miracle will happen.  So with the blessing and the way I have been improving I am excited for this week and to actually have energy to be a missionary.  
  Anyway, I just read over that and realized it might sound a bit dramatic haha.  I hope no one is worrying because I really am doing great.  And we are getting this figured out.  
   This week was great!  We had some awesome lessons with some great people who want the gospel in their lives.  Every day we see miracles here and I love it!  I love being a part of this work and seeing this Gospel change lives.  
   And I love my companions.  We have grown very close this week with everything going on.  I don't want transfers to happen in only 2 weeks:(
  Sorry this was short, just know that I am doing great and that I love you all!!!
Con amor,
   Hermana Adair

Sister Encarnacion and I laughing after a really long day haha.  We went crazy.

Sister Marley and I!  In the car late at night.

Me and some little girls from our ward.  All of the little girls LOVE us!  They are adorable!!

                                                                                    I forgot to tell you!  I finally went to the Temple!!!

                                                    My favorite picture so far from Denver!  It was so much fun and I love those Sisters so much! haha