Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014

This letter will probably be really short.  Nothing new happened this week and I feel like I've already told you everything.  This area is a little slow at the moment, and this was our worst week for numbers and lessons.  Everything we had planned fell through!  Sometimes it is so frustrating, but it really helps me to learn diligence and how to keep a positive attitude on things.  But this week we tried to do a lot of finding; so that we can have more investigators and really build this area.  
   We went to some really ghetto and sketchy apartments but were able to find this amazing family!  It is a young single mother with 5 kids.  She is back to getting her life in order but she really has so much faith and is so ready to accept this gospel.  She loves us and it was really fun to get to know her.  And then the dad of her oldest daughter came in, we thought it would be awkward but it wasn't, and he loves us to!!  He asked if we could come to his house on saturday and he would make us carne asada and he is thrilled to have his daughter listen to us!!  We were like, "heck ya!  You can totally make us carne asada while we teach you the gospel!!!"  We are really excited for them!
   This week was really hot.  And then it was a blizzard.  It has literally been snowing for 2 days and it is still going strong.  But luckily here, the snow does not stick as bad.  But because I sent most of my winter stuff home, my toes are a little bit cold haha.  But it only makes me appreciate the blessings of getting into a warm and toasty home and filling it with the spirit!!  
   So I love the Hispanic ward here.  Very chill and very warm.  Just like a hispanic ward should be haha.  But they had a huge Mothers Day Activity Saturday night that EVERYONE came to!  It was so much fun!  We had homemade carne asada and amazing cake.  Then they had a mariachi band(killed that spelling) and some of the sisters took turns singing with them.  and everyone danced!  And all of the little girls wanted us to dance with them!  They love us and are so adorable!!!  I will have to send pictures!  
    and then it was Sunday, and I talked to my family.  Which was honestly a little weird at first haha.  Just kidding guys :)  And that is about it.  Maybe next week I will have some better stories. 
   I love you all!  And I love my mission.  My testimony has grown so much these past 6 months and I feel so lucky that I have a yr left to learn and grow so much more!!!
Hasta la proxima semana!

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