Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 16, 2014

This week.  Lets see what happened this week.  Well first of all, on monday we were going to that ghetto amusement park.  But we found out that all of the good rides opened up at 6, which was after our pday ended.  And we were too big to ride the kiddy rides :( haha it was a very sad moment.  But our District had a blast walking around and taking pictures!  We got icees and cotton candy and it was so much fun.  I will have to send you pictures.  
   ALL of our investigators are getting ready for baptism!!!  We are so excited!!  Star still wants to be baptized but her work schedule has been crazy so we did not see her last week.  We are dying to talk to her again and see how she is doing.  Then we have a new investigator named Gloria.  She is 21, with a little baby, and her husband is in the middle east in the army.  She loves this gospel and wants to get baptized but her husband is not happy with that idea.  She tries to talk to him about the church and he just ends up hanging up the phone.  She doesn't want to go behind his back but she really wants to get baptized.  We are all praying that his heart will be softened and will be okay with her decision.  But you can't blame the poor guy.  He is clear across the world and has no control of what is going on in his family.  
  Then Ramona and Manuel are a couple.  Ramona understands this gospel and loves it.  Manuel still doesn't completely understand that this is the only true church.  BUT they are doing awesome and so close to baptism.  And we had a family home evening with the other Gloria at a members house.  It was great and the spirit was so strong.  And guess what?!  All of these people came to church on Sunday!  It was so amazing and one of the best Sundays ever!  Really, all of these people need to be baptized!  I just love this area, there are so many people who are prepared and I love having the privlidge to teach them.
   Lets see, this week I have been pretty sick.  With some weird pains and random things.  No worries, everything is fine.  I am calling the doctor today to hopefully get in soon and see what is wrong.  But on Saturday I received a blessing.  And it was such a special blessing.  Truly, I don't know why the Lord keeps blessing me with things like this.  But I know without a doubt that He is my Father in Heaven and loves me so much.  
  I love serving with Hna. Encarnacion.  She is such a great example for me and we have a lot of fun together.  I truly do love her a lot.  I love my mission and love all of you!  Thanks for everything!!!
  Hermana Adair

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