Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 9, 2014

ANOTHER WEEK IN DENVER!!!  Ok, well first off I will tell you a little bit about our new trio.  Honestly I was a little worried haha.  That a trio wouldn't help the situation i was already in and that it would just complicate things worse.  Or that I would become an awkward 3rd wheel haha.  I can easily see that happening to me.  But I love what has happened.  So our new companion is Hermana Encarnacion!  She is the one who trained Hna McRae (my mtc comp) and she is basically the star of the mission.  No joke, she is the missionary that everyone wants to be and that has truly changed this mission so much with her hard work.  She is from Spain and everyone calls her the crazy spaniard haha.  Because she is a lot of fun but super bold.  She has no problem telling people how it is and what they need to do!  I love it!  Oh and everyone makes fun of her for her last name.  It is the same name as in Nacho Libre.  So EVERYONE sings to her that song and really the poor girl is the joke of the mission for it.  The elders always ask her to break her vows with them hahah.  But she just gets fired up and gives them a piece of her mind haha  It is so awesome to watch.  This is her last transfer in her mission and I get the privledge of killing her off hahaha.  I never thought I would be her companion and was a bit worried since she always seemed so great.  But I love this girl so much!! And It has only been like 5 days.  Our personalities just click and I think we will become really good friends!  and oh my goodness, she is the most gorgeous person I have ever met!  No joke.  It isn't fair haha.  Next week I will be sending TONS of pictures.  Because today we are going to this super sketchy and ghetto amusement park with our district.  I am so excited!  
   Anyway, this week has been pretty dramatic.  Sister Marley has had a hard time adjusting to the trio and she has been very sick.  And Hna. Encarnacion has a bunch of stomach problems and so do I.  So we are the trio of death I think.  But that doesn't stop us from working!!  We had some great lessons and we are teaching this 19 yr old girl named Star who is the cutest thing ever.  She loves this gospel so much and has such a hunger for it like ive never seen before.  She even invited her friends to come over and take the lessons with her.  And she wants to get baptized!!!  We are hoping it will happen on July 6th!  She really just wants to do everything possible to follow her Savior and return to the Celestial kingdom.  I will keep you updated on her.
   Then that woman Gloria we have been teaching for awhile is finally really progressing!  She is so sweet and truly wants to know if this Gospel is true.  But she hold back a bit, which is just her personality.  but she has member friends and they are helping her a lot.  tonight we are actually having a family home evening at her friends house about the plan of salvation.  We want the spirit to be really strong and help her realize the blessings she can have in her family from this Gospel.  
   We truly have a lot of people who are very close to baptism.  This week because of being sick we didn't get to see too many of them.  This new week though we will be inviting ALL of them to be baptized!  So excited.
   Lets see, nothing to scary happened here in Denver this week haha.  Just the normal drug deals and dealing with people on pot all of the time.  But I love being in Denver!  I love the people and I love this area I am serving in.  And I think these next 6 weeks are going to be awesome!  Oh, fun thing this week.  Hna encarnacion and I are super similiar and she loves the movie the Prince of Egypt.  And she has the soundtrack in spanish!  It is the greatest thing of my life.  So now I am learning all the words in spanish and we are having a blast singing it together!  
    I just realized that a lot of this email was about my new companion... can you tell that I like her just a bit haha.  No but it really will be a fun transfer with a lot of hard work and success.  
Thanks for everything and I love all of you!!!
con amor,
   Hermana Adair

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