Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 2, 2014

This week was the last week of the transfer.  I cannot believe how fast these 6 weeks have gone by!  I truly will be home before I know it!  And it terrifies me haha!  I don't want to ever leave my mission!  (No offense to everyone back home)
   Lets see, this week we had exchanges.  It was supposed to happen last week but because of the bed bug fiasco the other sisters decided to wait until the danger had passes.  Update on the bedbugs: WE ARE CLEAN!  But we did see some cockroaches and bedbugs crawling all around this apartment we visit on a regular basis.  And basically everywhere we go is pretty sketchy and worn down.  I honestly have so many funny stories of busting drug deals and being stopped by someone who is high.  It is always an adventure here in Denver.  Oh and scary experience, we have a woman who lives in this dungeon.  Literally a dungeon.  You walk down these stairs into a dark corridor with no escape.  And the aprtment next to Marta's is full of these cholos who think they run the neighborhood.  It was when we where on exchanges and had a 16 yr old YW coming with us to a lesson.  They were yelling really bad things at us and tried to block our path and get us to come in their apartment.  I felt so bad for Lily, the YW!  Usually we have things yelled at us but it never went this far as to them all right there cornering us.  But that fire came out of me and I was able to save the day.  Not that anything would have happened to us.  We have the Lord on our side always.
   Anyway, back to exchanges.  I was with Sister Moser in our area while Sis Marley went to the other area.  I had so much fun with Sister Moser!  She is so incredible and I look up to her so much.  She was with me in Eagle and I feel so blessed to be serving with her again.  I want to be a missionary and person just like her.  But exchanges were great and it gave me the chance to relax a bit and just breathe.    Not much really happened this week.  This area is finally picking up and it was an awesome week!!   We have a lot of investigators and had the most lessons we have had in 6 wks!  I am really excited for this next transfer and for the changes we are going to see!  
  Oh and on Thursday we had an awesome training and interviews with President.  Usually they last only 15 min but mine was almost an hour..... um what does that mean haha.  President basically told me everything that was happening for transfers and the things he was going to need me to do.  Honestly it made me feel a little overwhelmed haha.  And put a lot of pressure on my back.  But I will do anything the Lord and my mission president asks me to do.  So this should be fun haha.  But we have been given a lot of great trainings with a lot of tools to improve our missionary work.  
    Our people are progressing and almost so ready for baptism!!  I couldn't be happier.
Oh and transfer news.... I am staying in Denver.  With Sister Marley.  Oh and we will be getting a 3rd companion.   Yeah, I am going to be in a trio.  This I am not too happy about.  Because it wasn't what was supposed to happen originally.    oh well
     But it will be a great transfer!  I will make it great!  I love my mission and I love the Lord's work!  thanks for everything!!!
    Hermana Adair

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