Wednesday, July 9, 2014

   Dear family and friends.  This email is going to be ridiculously short and I apologize.  But I will try and send pictures this week.  Well, my health has improved.  I have stopped throwing everything up and my body has gained back a lot of strength.  I still have really intense pain in my stomach and might need to see a specialist this week or next.  But I have hope that things will improve.  I got another blessing this weekend, the Elders came over one night when the pain was so bad that I couldn't move.  And God promised me a miracle.  He said there were things I needed to learn from this trial and as soon as I learn them then a miracle will happen.  So with the blessing and the way I have been improving I am excited for this week and to actually have energy to be a missionary.  
  Anyway, I just read over that and realized it might sound a bit dramatic haha.  I hope no one is worrying because I really am doing great.  And we are getting this figured out.  
   This week was great!  We had some awesome lessons with some great people who want the gospel in their lives.  Every day we see miracles here and I love it!  I love being a part of this work and seeing this Gospel change lives.  
   And I love my companions.  We have grown very close this week with everything going on.  I don't want transfers to happen in only 2 weeks:(
  Sorry this was short, just know that I am doing great and that I love you all!!!
Con amor,
   Hermana Adair

Sister Encarnacion and I laughing after a really long day haha.  We went crazy.

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