Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013 (Day 1)

 Alright, this morning I have a few more minutes to write.  We got in so late last night and it was hard to wake up so early this morning.  It seemed to take forever to wait for my bus, and get back to the MTC.  But the ride there was cool.  Very neat to see the city and the lifestyle here.  I even got to see the Temple here at night, it was so beautiful.  My companion is Hermana Mcrae from Mesa, AZ; and it turns out that she knows some of our family down in the valley.  What a small world!  Plus she is going to the Denver South mission as well, very cool.  I have my nametag! I will attach a picture as soon as I have more time. 
My p-days will be on Tuesdays.  So expect an email sometime then every week.  I will also be going to the temple every week on Tuesday.  Which I am excited for.   And please send me a list of emails for family and friends that want to be on my forwarding list.  And if you could have grandma send me a email with the notes she took from my blessing.  I really want to read over them and remember the blessings in store for me. 
Your Dennys story was funny.  I can´t believe you were all hysterical, you know how I feel about that.  But the sisters are all so nice here and I cant wait to start my lessons and begin really learning spanish. 
Oh and I saw all the cards and notes in my bag.  Thank you.  I havent had time to read them yet but cant wait.  And these keyboards are weird, so dont judge me too harshly for any grammatical errors. 
Madee, Thanks for your email.  It really meant a lot.

Love you all.  Thanks for supporting me.

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