Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Call

   I waited over 3 weeks for my call to arrive in the mail.  It was agony!  But can I say, it arrived at the perfect moment.
   It's pretty common knowledge that most mission calls come in the mail on a Thursday.  So by Thursday July 25th, I was crossing my fingers, rubbing a rabbbits foot, and praying very hard that my call would come in the mail.  Because my Dad was leaving for Africa that very night for over 10 days!  And no way would I be able to await his return to open my call.  But the heavens shown down on me and that white envelop came.  It was the kids and Madee who actually let me know that it had arrived-their screams as they ran back to the house from the mailbox probably could have been heard across the country.  I am pretty sure they gave our poor mail lady a heart attack!
   So that night, about 30 minutes before my dad boarded a plane for Africa, I sat down and began ripping open the paper.  This is when the nerves began to set in.  This tiny piece of paper in my hand would determine the next year and a half of my life.  Could this truly be happening so fast!
   I slowly began reading my call,  and I will be serving in the Colorado Denver South Mission!  And not only that, I will teach in the Spanish language and report to the Mexico City MTC!!  How freakin' cool!  
   But I won't lie, when my eyes first took in the word Colorado, they cringed just a little bit inside haha.  I was just going right next door.  But as soon as I said the words out loud I was so overcome by the spirit.  Never, in my entire 19 years, have I ever had a confirmation that strong and true.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was my mission.  Meant just for me.  And I know that this is where God wants and needs me to be.  
   So people of Colorado, particularly the hispanic part, be ready.  Because Hermana Adair is on her way. 

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