Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014
Well, this was the last week of transfers.  Wow, time flies by so fast!  First, I just need to say, I am not a greenie anymore haha!  My training is completely done and I am ready to go out and take over this mission!  Haha but don't worry, I never acted like a greenie.  Everyone always thinks i've been on my mission way longer, even Pres. Murdock.
   Anyway, transfers are on Tuesday.......drum roll please..........And I am staying in Eagle!   Yay!  But Hna. Noffz is getting transfered:(.  Actually she got called to be a Sister Leader Trainer, which there are like only 8 in the entire mission.  She is such a great missionary and I have been very lucky to be trained by her.  But honestly, I am going to miss her so much!  We feel just like Sisters and our relationship is so easy and we work really good together.  But the Lord knows what is best for both of us.  But it feels like Eagle is our area.  We built it up from nothing and cleaned up the huge mess that was here.  We have gained back to trust of the ward, have changed the lives of a lot of people, and have worked hard every single day.  We are proud of this little valley.  But of course, none of that would have happened without the help of the Lord.  We saw miracles everysingle day because of him.
   While I am excited to be staying in Eagle the thought also makes my head hurt.  The past 2 weeks we have been dropped like crazy and our teaching pool is very small.  Plus, we are trying to start our Spanish Branch but are basically hitting our head against the wall with our ward.  So to sum it up, there is a lot of work to be done here.  A lot.  And I will have to be the leader and find out a way to get it done.  I am excited for the challenge, but it is going to be hard.  I will have to work harder then I have ever worked before. 
    I am not sure I really want a new companion....but I am excited to see who she is.  You should all make guesses about what she looks like haha.
    We have a few new investigators this week, which is great.  2 are completely amazing and are ready for baptism.  They came to church yesterday and already agreed to be baptized!!! Yay, I am praying so hard that everything works out with them.  It is a dad, Israel, and his daughter Fanny who is 20.  she completely adores Hna. Noffz and I and was so sad when she found out that Hna. Noffz was leaving. 
   We still have Yesenia.  She is incredible.  There isn't another word for it.  Her testimony is so strong and she is great friends with a lot of the members.  I can not wait for her baptism.  But she also got some really bad news last week about her health.  It turns out that she has thyroid cancer.  We were so devestated for her but will be here for support.  And now she has the ward and all of the members to help her through.  I wish that everyone could meet her, she is amazing and so strong. 
    These 4 months have been such a huge time of growth for me.  I have learned so much about the gospel, life, and especially myself.  I have never felt more weak and impowered at the same time.  Every day I realize that I am nothing, and that in everything God is my strength.  I have had to change a lot of things about myself, but I am only becoming a better daughter of God.  Slowly but surely I am becoming a worthy instrument in his hands. 
    Yes, every day is like a battle.  With the work, the people here, and the voices inside my head.  But I have learned to pray.  To truly pray, with real intent and a sincere heart.  Like it like about  in moroni 10.
Prayer Oneof the greatest gifts that we have been given.  How amazing is it that a being so great as God begs us to talk to him every single day.  I have a huge testimony of prayer.  Prayer brings miracles.  And the power of our prayers depends solely on us. 
   I love my mission so much!  I love the people and I love the Lord's work!  It is almost sad to think that after this next transfer I will be a third done with my misison.  Where did the time go?  And it is only going to go by faster and faster.  But I am so thankful for all of the support that I have back home.  And for the help of everyone to get me here.  Les Quiro Mucho!
Con Amor,
Hermana Adair

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