Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 3, 2014

This week was a montana rosa! (rollercoaster in spanish, but missing the accents haha) 
   On Monday we had a Zone p-day and it was such a blast!  We hiked up to hanging Lake and it was so gorgeous.  It felt great to just get outside and be active.   Both Sis. Noffz and I were in heaven!  But there was also a lot of snow on the trail, and you basically have to climp a cliff.  So imagine a cliff covered in snow and ice, and the snow is so deep that only 6 inches of the handrails are showing.  Going up was easy, but coming down was a different story.  We all had to slide down the cliff because it was impossible to walk back down with out breaking your neck.  And all of the Elders had to crouch and make sure that we didn't fly over the edge when we slid.  Sister Noffz almost went over, but she was able to grap the hand rail and grasp on until we could pull her back on the trail.  My heart almost stopped haha.  But after the terrifying part, it was a blast.  Just like bobsledding haha!  Who needs the Olympics when you can have it in the middle of nowhere in Colorado haha!  I will try and send pics from other people once they send them to me!  It was so fun! 
    This week we focused a lot on Karina.  Monday night she expressed some doubts about getting baptized and felt that she wasn't ready.  We were expecting this, everyone gets nervous before baptism, especially a 16 yr old girl.  so we spent a lot of time making her feel good, including her in yw's, and we even heart attacked her door.  Everything was going to be fine.  Then Thursday came.  Karina had her baptismal interview on Thursday and almost didn't show up.  We hunted her down and she forgot to tell us that she was going to be late.  Great.  Her interview lasted over 40 minutes, which was the first sign that things might not be okay. 
   It turns out that Karina has a lot of doubts and does not agree with some of the church standards.  And she told us about a lot more other things that I will not go into detail about.  But they are pretty serious.  When she told us all of this she started crying.  She didn't tell us before becfause she did not want to disapoint us because she truly does care about us.  Anyway, to sum everything up, Karina is not getting baptized.  She doesn't see the need of God in her life and thinks she is okay where she is. 
     Wow, that was not easy to hear.  I mean, you have all read my emails and know how excited I was for her and how much I cared for her.  It hurt so much and both the hearts of Sis. Noffz and I were completely broken.  We love this girl so much and she made the choice to go down a path that will only lead her to more pain and lonliness in the future.  But the hardest part is that I am a missionary.  I can not council her or help her in her life.  I can try and teach her the gospel and help her with church things, but that is it.  I cannot do anything else and it leaves me feeling completely helpless.  I will stay in touch with her though and hopefully, now that we planted a seed of faith in her, that she can turn to us for help later. 
    Yes, not a fun few days.  BUT, we still have Yesenia, who is completely amazing!  She is going to be baptized on the 22nd of March and she cannot wait.  Her testimony is so strong and she loves this church and already knows and loves a lot of the members.  And she came to church with us this Sunday because now she has work off.  This sunday was stake conference and it was so good!  All about Hastening the Work.  Sis. Noffz had to translate for twho hours for Yesenia but she did great, and Yesenia loved coming to church.  Just talking to her always makes us feel so much better.  And she loves us so much.  She is a woman who I will be in touch with for the rest of mly life. 
    Tomorrow Yesenia is going to Denver to have some health test done.  She has a lot of problems with her Thyroid and more then likely has cancer or a tumor.  Not fun at all.  But she is praying and fasting(yes, she fasts and loves it!)  And then on Tuesday she is taking her citizenship test in Denver as well!  We are excited for her and hope that everything goes good!
   And Yesenia cut our hair the other day.  And she gave me bangs.  Haha they're actually not too bad but I will have to send a picture. 
    Transfers are next week and we are freaking out wondering what is going to happen.  There is so many exciting things happening here and neither of us want to leave!  Plus, we both seem to work great together and have become really great friends.  It will be sad to leave.  But I have trust in the Lord and his plan.  Whatever happens and wherever I am called to serve will be exactly where I am meant to be. 
   I love you all!  Thanks for everything!  Have a great week!
   Hermana Adair

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