Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Well, as you know, this week I had transfers.  It was very fun to get together with all of the missionaries in Rifle and wait for the rest to come from Denver.  And I got to see Sister McRae again!  Man, I miss that girl, we have a lot of fun together.  We joke that one day we will be companions again and on that day the world better watch out jaja!! 
   So transfers, Sister Noffz got transferred to Grand Junction, where she will be serving as a Sister Leader Trainer.  Things in Eagle will be really different without her, and I will miss her like crazy, but we both know this is for the best.  We knew each other so well that we couldn't really learn anything else if we had stayed together another transfer.  But my new companion is Sister Flores, and she is amazing!!  She is basically model gorgeous but also so real and hilarious, we are a lot alike.  She is from D.C. but her mom is from El Salvador and her dad from Ecuador, so she knows perfect Spanish.  Which is great for me.  But she says that my Spanish is actually amazing for only 4 months and that I speak tons better then any of her other companions haha  Lets see if I ever believe her.  But she is honestly the kindest person I think I've ever met.  She has been out on her mission 6 months and knows how to work really hard.  I am learning tons from her every single day. 
    And we work really good together, especially in lessons.  We actually have flow when before there was none.  One of us usually doesn't talk more then the other, it's pretty even.  But this week was soooo long.  We have been dropped like crazy and needed to find more people to teach.  So this week we OYM every single person and knocked on a ton of doors.  Now I actually enjoy walking up and talking to people, even in Spanish.  Before it was just a hassle and I had to force myself to do it.  Now we have so many potentials and this next week we have tons of lessons set up!  We are excited!!  But also my poor companion came from the Denver area, which is the promised land in mission terms haha.  It is really different for her to be here and actually have to work to find people to teach. 
    We have had some great lessons this week.  Israel and Fanny are some people on date and they are progressing a little more every lesson.  They truly want to learn and know the truth.  Everything makes sense to them in their head and they want to make sure that it is right in their heart as well. 
    Then Yesenia is as amazing as always.  She loves everything and came to church this week with her boyfriend :)  The entire ward loves her and takes her under their wings, it is super cute to watch.  Even the English members make an effort to talk to her, which is saying a lot for this ward.  And we talked about temples this week and her new goal is to go to the temple!!  We have already made plans to go to the temple with her right after our missions!  But she wants to go 2 weeks after her baptism and do baptisms for the dead.  We want to plan a temple trip with the Hispanic members in a few weeks to get her to go.  And we are going to change Yesenia's date for baptism.  She wants her daughter and family to be there so it will most likely be on the 5th of April, which is conference.  That seems so far aways but she is strong and it will be good.  We want to get everyone together to watch conference, have a ton of food, baptize yesenia between sessions, and just have fun.  It could honestly be the best day of my life haha.
     Now I have a few funny things to tell you.  First, all missionaries hug.  I think of that scene from Tommy Boy, "brothers gotta hug," But with Sister Missionaries instead.  At first it was weird, but now my first instinct is to go up and hug someone.  Bet no one thought that would ever happen....  But with Hispanics it goes even farther.  You have to hug but also have a very dramatic kiss on the cheek.  So I have got in the habit of doing that as well, and it freaks out the white people when we do it hahahaha. 
      And Hispanics have a super hard time saying my name.  So my name is completely different in Spanish, and I love it!!  It sounds so cool and pretty.  Hermana A-dy-ir.  Or something like se. 
    And we are starting our Spanish Branch!!!!  The members are so excited even though the bishop is not too happy about it.  Actually he really doesn't like us anymore...pero, esta bien.  We are doing the Lord's work and know that this is what the Lord wants for these people.  Hopefully everything will be set up for the 3rd week in April.  Fingers crossed and lots of prayers said. 
    Well this week was good.  Transfers were exactly what I needed to step up and work harder.  It was good to take the leading position and push myself to do better then I have ever done before.   Muchas gracias por sus oraciones siempre y por su Apollo!!! Les quiero mucho!
Con amor,
   Hermana Adair

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