Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014

I am sitting here at the computer and I really can't think of anything to write.  This week just seemed to go by without anything truly happening.  Which is kind of true.  Every day we had a full schedule full of lessons.  Literally every hour was filled.  BUT, as he always does, Satan tried really hard to mess up our week.  The majority of our lessons fell through, and it was very sad.  Very disappointing that all of our hard work was for nothing, which of course is never really true.  But it sure did feel like it this week.  But we have been praying and fasting to see miracles in this area.  We have so many people who have been prepared and who are so close to accepting this message and changing their lives!  They are so close!  Just another step or two and they will all be there.  But Satan knows exactly where to put obstacles and make the people trip right before that final step.  As missionaries we honestly get terrified when things start going good and the people are progressing, because we know that something will be happening shortly.  But that is not faith.  Faith is knowing that no matter what Satan will do, the spirit and power of God will always be so much stronger.  That as long as we have faith and keep working hard and being obedient, then we WILL see miracles happen.  I can testify of this because I have seen so many miracles happen in this little area.  I think I mentioned how many people were living here between Eagle and Gypsum, only around 5000 people.  THAT IS INSANELY TINY!!  But guess what??  This is the area that baptizes the most in the entire stake, which is the biggest stake in the country.  What??  How does that happen.  It is because God's hand is over this valley.  These are his children and he is preparing them to accept the glorious message of the restoration.  Because of this I know that we are about to see some HUGE miracles here.  And I am so excited!!  Just our Spanish branch is a miracle from God.  But I am also scared, because transfers are next week!!!  These six weeks went by so fast!  And I am not ready to leave because there is so much going on here.  But I also have a testimony that God has a perfect plan, and I am willing to follow his will, no matter how difficult it may be. 
    We are teaching a girl named Jeny.  She is 21 yrs old and from Colombia but was adopted and brought here about 8 years ago.  Honestly I love her so much!  She has had so much struggles in her life and is a strong fighter.  And she is ready to change her life and change the world as well.  And she is beginning to understand that this message will help her do it.  But for the past 3 weeks she has been working at her new job every day until about 11 at night and we haven't been able to see her.  But finally we had a lesson with her and she was able to be reminded about what the spirit felt like.  She said she believes that the book of Mormon is true but we invited her to pray and truly ask God.  So that she would have no doubt.  She is so close to accepting this message.  But she her life is also very chaotic and there are a lot of things working against her.  But I know that once she finds out the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored, then nothing will stop her from following the truth.
     We also had an Amazing lesson with a man named Jaime.  We have taught him before, around February, but he was really not interested then.  But now he has so many questions and truly wants to know the truth.  We taught him the restoration and he asked so many questions.  But at the end of everything it made sense to him. I loved teaching that lesson.  There was such an excitement and the spirit was so strong.  I know that once he reads to book of Mormon and prays, he will receive an answer.  And he will want to know everything.  We are so stoked for him!
    We have a ton of people like this who we are teaching.  Who are "Golden Investigators" in the correct mission terminology. 
   The situation with our ward hasn't improved too much.  But we are still working on it.  The Stake President came to our ward yesterday and he is making some changes to help.  He is very aware of the problems that are here and he wants to change a lot of things for the better.  He wants a Spanish branch just as bad as we do.  He came up to us yesterday and told us that he knows the Hispanic members will grow so much stronger and bigger once the branch is started.  He wants to help these people listen to the gospel in their own language.  He thanked us for all the hard work we are doing and told us to keep it up.  That meant so much to us.  We feel like we are hitting our heads against a wall at times and aren't able to get anyway.  But like I said before, there are also so many miracles here, and our stake president is one of them. 
    Lets see, Alex is great.  He is one of the best kids I've met.  Yesenia is AMAZING, as always.  We had dinner with her and her daughter and then had a family home evening about Easter and the life of Christ.  It was great.  Her daughter loves us just as much as Yesenia and I know that one day she will get baptized.  Hopefully soon she will realize how much she wants what her mom has.  I can't wait to send pics as soon as I get a new camera chord.....(mine got lost) which is why I haven't sent pics in awhile!  And there is nothing in Eagle to buy!!!!  But hopefully soon I will be able to send pics. 
    And I love my companion to death.  She is the most sweetest person and so christlike.  We get a long so well and my true personality really comes out with her.  She keeps me motivated and we teach good together.  Which makes us think one of us will get transferred.  You can't grow while you're in your comfort zone.  She goes to BYU Provo and we can see each other often, which is awesome.  Oh, mom and dad, I have already invited her to our house for Thanksgiving.  She can't fly home to Virginia and can't spend it alone in her dorm!!  So I hope that is ok :)
    My testimony has grown so much this week, and it just grows more and more every day.  I love my mission and the people I am meeting.  But what I love even more is the message that I am sharing.  It is a message of love, happiness, light, and hope.  I love learning to feel the Savior's love for the people here and truly dedicating myself to them.  Leaving behind all selfishness.  (But of course I am human and seem to fail at that a lot of the times) and watching people take the steps to change their lives for enternity!  I love you all and am so thankful for everything! 
   Hermana Adair

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