Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

So this week is transfers.  Which means that this weekend was just full of stress and worry.  And everyone,  I have very very VERY bad news.  I am leaving Eagle.  :'(
    I am not excited to leave Eagle.  I love the people here so much.  And as I have made it very clear in my previous letters, these people are so prepared!  They are all going to get baptized and I won't be here to witness it.  And so much is happening here these next few weeks.  The big fireside we have been planning with the members, our Spanish branch (ugh don't even remind me of that), English classes, SO MANY THINGS!!  ahh it's eating me inside haha.  But this is all part of the mission and those are very selfish thoughts.  I truly do know that the Lord needs me somewhere else and that these people here in Eagle need someone else.  That Sister Flore's new companion will be amazing and be able to help this valley in ways that I was never able to.  But I am truly going to miss Eagle.  I will miss the ward, well mostly the Hispanic members haha.  I will miss Myrna and Alex so much.  And don't even get me started on how much I am going to miss Yesenia!!  But it is such a Tender Mercy from the Lord that I live so close to Colorado.  I will be able to visit after my mission and I will be able to keep in touch with these people for the rest of my life.  And I might just die without Hermana Flores.  She is such an incredible person and missionary.  We have grown so close and I love her so much.  It will definitely be sad to part haha.  But we have a yr together on our missions and more than likely we will be able to see each other quite often.  Maybe not for a few months, but it will happen. 
   Ok, enough whining.  I am excited to start a new adventure and meet some amazing new people.  I don't know where I will be going yet, they purposely don't let us know until Tuesday morning when we leave.  They know it drives us missionaries crazy.  And I wonder who will be my new companion.  Everyone thought I was going to be training.  And President even called us asking if I would be willing to train and then asked Sis. Flores if my Spanish was good enough to train.  So we really thought it was going to happen.  But I guess not.  I have to learn a lot more before that can happen haha.  which is completely fine with me.  I guess we will see what happens.  Oh and transfers are horrible because of packing.  who knew that I could have so much stuff after only 4 months...  Needless to say, our room is a mess at the moment.  And 1 great thing about being transferred....I won't have to listen to a barking bird all morning long!!! Yay!!! 
   Anyway, this week was just a normal week.  Except we have 12 new investigators!! Which might be a record number for this mission haha.  It has been great to find new people with potential to teach and who are ready to accept this message.  Jaime went to Denver with his son for spring break and wasn't able to meet with us.  We are just praying that he has read and prayed about the book of Mormon.  Teodoro is a man we are teaching who wants to get baptized and know the truth so bad.  He wants to get baptized but just wants a reconfirmation about the truth.  He said he would ask God and let us know tonight!!  So exciting!  Then Israel and Fanny, who we have been teaching for awhile, said that they know the church of Jesus Christ and the Priesthood power were restored on this earth again.  But they will pray these week to know specificly if they should be baptized!  And then Lorri and Franciso are reading the Book of Mormon and trying to schedule work to come have the chance to come to church.  And Jeny is working a ton but we have faith that she will soon have a miracle happen in her life.  there are just so many great people prepared by the Lord!  And that is only half of them.  I am sad to miss out but know it is not all about me.  It is about helping these people reach salvation. 
   Being a part of the work of the Lord is such a huge privledge.  It brings a sense of happiness into our lives.  When we know we are serving God and his children and making a difference in the world.  I challenge everyone back home to go out with the missionaries.  Honestly, we can't do our work without members.  They are the strongest link in the chain towards baptism.  It might seem scary, but all you truly need is your testimony.  that alone invites the spirit and the spirit is the true teacher during our lessons.  So this week pray for missionary opportunities and dedicate a time during the week to go out with the missionaries and help in bringing to pass the eternal life of man.  So many blessings will be given to you.  this I can promise.
   This letter was a little whiney and boring.  Only about transfers.  so I apologize.  Anxiously await for next week when you can find out where I will be!!  (Haha I just had a reality tv show moment flash through my mind.  If only I had an awesome radio voice.)  I love you all!!
-Hermana Adair

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