Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dec. 14, 2013

So I am emailing a little early this week because I am leaving the CCM on Monday, and probably wont be able to contact anyone again until my next p-day in Colorado.
  Wow.  Time has flown by so fast.  It is so hard and surreal to believe that I will be in Denver in a day and a half.  The CCM has become my home and I feel like I don´t know anything else besides this.  It is just so normal for me to be here and I will feel so out of my element in Denver.  First off, it is going to be freezing cold.  I have no idea how I am going to survive through the winter.  No idea.  I´m at least pretty sure that a few of my toes will be gone by the time I get home.  The sacrifices we missionaries make for others.  What saints we all are.
  Once again, who knows what even happened this week.  The days blur together and I never have any idea what the date is.  
   On Wednesday we studied, went to class, spoke really bad Spanish, and...... Oh, we did do a service project that day.  We helped out in the kitchens of the comedor and it made me feel right at home, just like the good old days at Costa.  We cleaned the floors (Of course I was pro because of yrs of practice), sorted silverware, and got to see how the disgusting food here was made.  Honestly, I love all of the workers here.  They work so hard to provide for us and they are all so kind and cheerful.  BUT, their food is no bueno.  Siempre.   And we got to wear really really cute hairnets the whole time.  Pretty Lucky right.   But it was fun afterwards when we put them on as beards and the natives kept yelling "Santa Claus!" at us in broken english haha.
   Then lets see...more studying, more broken spanish, more class time, little sleep, bad food, and great people.  
   All day friday was our in-field orientation.  So we basically sat around all day and listened to other people talk for hours.  It actually wasn´t that bad.  All of the information was really good and it definitely calmed our nerves about going into the field.  It´s is going to be so hard, don´t get me wrong.  I know that will be spending Christmas with a family ive never met before, who probably doesn´t speak a word of English, and I know I will want to cry every single day.  But I also know that it will get easier.  And that in a few weeks, once the language truly starts to come, that being a missionary will be second nature to me.  
    Here at the CCM we get a debit card with 120 pesos on it every week, just for emergency things and so what.  And there is a little Tienda here that we can buy things and go shopping (don´t use your imagination too much, it is about the size of my bedroom)  But we love going to the tienda!  They play christmas music there now and it makes us feel almost normal haha.  Anyway, yesterday was our last day there so we just went and tried to blow all of our pesos.  We would buy a few things, and our card wouldn´t decline, so we would go in line again.  And then repeat over and over until we finally ran out.  I am pretty sure the Hermano there was tired of helping us out, but he was still super nice about it.  So mi familia, hold your breath for the best christmas presents that la tienda offers haha.  
   Remember how I told the story about Hna. McRae walking in on the little latino women in the bathroom.  Well I have now had a similiar experience.  But mine was with a fellow missionary.  I don´t know why she didn´t say anything to me, I was singing at the top of my lungs all the way to the bathroom.  I had no idea she was in there until I opened the door and she was there.  As soon as I opened the door she screamed and I was like "oh, lo siento!"  I really wasn´t embarrassed but every time she sees me now she gets really red and embarrassed.  I feel really bad but laugh really hard haha.  These kind of experiences happen a lot here at the CCM.  You truly havn´t been here long enough until you walk in on someone in the bathroom.  
   The other day we played the funnest game of handball with our District.  It was so much fun and I now love playing it.  But as I was shooting for a goal my arm went out and Elder Wegrowski ran right into it at full speed.  Basically like a charging bull.  My arm bent back as far as it could until it would go no further.  He fell to the ground and had the breath knocked out of him and I sat there thinking my arm was dislocated.  Dont worry it isn´t.  But it was really funny.  And Elder Hettinger made it even funnier with his comments "thats what you get for trying to stop Adair"  "you wish you could get past here".
    I have truly loved my District so much and just think they are all so fun.  We are seriously the best district here.  They are all like my family and everyone will be such a great missionary. 
  Well, here it is.  Denver or Bust!  Wish me luck!  
I love you all!
  Hermana Adair

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