Friday, December 27, 2013

These are some letters that Andee sent the family from the MTC.  They are dated Nov. 11, 2013.  They took five weeks to get to us.

Baylee!!! Mi Hermana!!
    Como Estas?  (How are you)  I miss  you so much already and it has only been a few days!  How is the new room?  It's nice to have your own isn't it.  You will have to send me pictures so I can see how you guys changed everything.  Especially in my room.  How are the fish?  I hope they are still alive.  Haha.  
   The MTC here in Mexico is so cool.  It is beautiful and there are palm trees everywhere!  I live in casa 22 and share a room with 3 other girls.  My companion is Hermana McRae and she is going to my same mission, cool, huh!  Plus she is from Mesa, Az.  
   Spanish is hard but I love it and feel like we are learning so fast!  It's like I am in school for 14 hours a day!  And I have to wake up at 6:00 each morning.  No Bueno!  But we play volleyball almost every day.  Which is so much fun!  The sidewalk here is uper uneven so I trip al of the time!!  Haha!  And they have amazing chocolate chip cookies called, "chokis" that everyone is addicted to!  They are so good!!  You probably wouldn't like the food here, sometimes it is a little weird...
   Do you miss me already?  Has anything exciting happened in Cedar City since I left?  
   I hope you know how much I love you!!  Never forget!
             Love, Hermana Adair
P.S.  We play a game here called falling dinosaurs.  We spin in a circle for awhile and then race as far as we can without falling.  It is fun, you should play it with your friends sometime!  I will try and smuggle you some amazing cookies home.  Try and learn some spanish so we can talk secretly when I get home and no onw will know what we are saying!!

   Tiene mi hermano! (you are my brother. Haha)  Crew!  How is everything?  How do you like your own room?  Did mom let you keep my bass guitar?  I hope so, you better learn to play it!  It is so cool here, you would love it.  The houses (casas) we all live in are different colors.  My casa is #22 and is green.  I'm pretty sure you wouldn't ear any of the food here, but every Tuesday is pizza night.  Woohoo!  
   Guess what?  We found a huge cockroach in our casa last night.  Not in our room but in the hall.  Me and my companion were too scared to step on it- it was huge.  So some other missionaries arrived alte and screamed so loud ( I didn't scream) then killed it and it was so gross!!  Guts everywhere!
   Spanish is fun but alot of hard work, I have to sit in school all day long!  How does that sound?  I showed some other missionaries your baptism pictures and they all thought you were so cute!  They called you a "Stud Muffin"  Haha!  I love you so much and miss you!
   Adios,    Hermana Adair

Mom and Dad,
   Sorry, you guys get to share a letter, I only bought 5 envelopes for this week.  Today is my P-day and I just got done e-mailing everyone.  Even though I wrote quite a bit I have a lot more stories I wanted to tell you but didn't have enough time read the e-mails and then write everything.  So I will probaly send a letter every week with more details and stories.  I tried to put different stories in each letter, so be sure to read them all and possibly type them and put them on the blog, haha- they better tell the experiences I am having.  And sorry if I repeat anythin.  How is the blog- did you remember how to do it?  Does Crew really sleep with my blanket?  How sad- I miss him and the made me want to cry.  I miss home but mostly my bed,  Haha!  Mine isn't very comfy and it is hard for me to sleep way good.  Oh and the shower is horrible!!  Literally only 5 holes work on the shower head nad it is so hard!  I feel like my skin was being ripped off!  It's like a form of torture!  I feel like I am a prisoner of war!!  But we do call the CCM our spiritual prison haha!  Let's see, what haven't I talked about yet...
   My teache is Maestro Leon (like lion, super cool)  He is 22, got off his mission about a year ago and is a native from Mexico City.  He is honestly the nicest and most sincere guy!  He doesn't speak english, which I guess is better for us to learn, but we have alot of fun in class.  WE mainly focus on spanish right now, but do have a few gospel and teaching classes intermixed.  Spanish is amazing!  I don't know tons but I love the language so much.  And even though it is hard and seems impossible to ever be fluent, we really are progressing fast.  I actually understand a little when others speak and I am starting to form actual sentences.  No more going by just one word for this girl anymore!  In my e-mail I talke about our first investigator, Juan Carlos.  It is really hard to teach in spanis right now but each lesson is getting better.  He is reading the BOM has learned how to pray with us, and is going to church with us on Sunday!  Now obviously he is not a real investigator but it still feels good when we improve.  And all of our teachers have told us to pray for him, what to teach him and that the holy ghost will let us know what his needs are.  Hermana McRae and I both thought that was weird at first because he is just acting.  How can we learn what his needs are when he doesn't really have any...?  But it truly does help!  The spirit knows we are only practicing but still know what we need to do.
   I love how much we pray here, it is literally all the time.  And I love how perfectly normal it is to pray in public and not feel weird or out of place.  It will be hard to return to reality once I am out of the CCM.  Me and Hermana McRae pray a lot together-it really makes us closer as companions!  
   The campus is beautiful here- just absolutely gorgeous.  In a way it reminds me of the little town in the movie Edward Scissorhands, haha, just with alot more trees.  All of the casa roofs are different colors, it is so green, and everything just seems too perfect!  Like there is a dark secret about this place or something weird is going to happen, Haha.  But this place belongs to the Lord so I guess it really can be perfect!
   Sundays here are absolutely amazing!  We have study time for a few hours in the morning and then go to Relief Society.  Sister Pratt teaches ( the Presidents wife)  and the lesson was truly amazing!  The spirit was so strong and I loved being surrounded by so many amazing daughters of God!  Plus the meeting was in englis so that was a bonus.  Then we have a meeting with only our distrcit-it's basically sunday school.  Then we have sacrament with our branch.  Our branch consists of 2 other districts and ours.  Everyone is way cool.  Sacrament is in spanish and 6 of us have to speak.  On Thurs. we are assigned a topic and have to each write a talk in spanish, then find out who is speaking an hour or so before the meeting.  I wasn't picked to talk but my companion was!  She was nervous but did great!  I love my branch pres. and his counselor.  They are both amazing men who truly care so much.  They sang, ' Senor te necissito' (I need Thee Every Hour)  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.  And that song might possibly be my new favorite.  Hymns in spanish are so beautiful, you should look some up.
   Here is another cool story about hymns in spanish.  The first day all of the new missionaries sang "Called To Serve" in spanish together and it was very neat.  The spirit was very thick in the room.  
   Anyway, back to Sunday.  We had an hour long meeting where Pres. Pratt taught a lesson.  And of course, it was just amazing.  About being truly converted.  We had a devotional where a speaker came and was hilarious and also very motivationg.  Then every Sunday we get to watch a movie! Yay! It's the best!  (In a Nacho Libre voice)  Of course they are church movies but they are still great!
   Did I mention that I love my district?  Well I do.  Especially Hermana Heaton and Hermana Moser.  There is also Elder Grzan and Nyholm.  Elder Hittinger and Summerhays.  And Elder Wregrowski and Mortimer.  They are all awesome and have a lot of fun.  Sometimes we have tyo seperate or else we will talk too much and not get anything done!  But Hermana Moser, who has never taken spanish ever in her life, is getting really discouraged.  She feels she doesn't understand anything that is going on and cry's almost everyday.  It is so sad to see her because she is the nicest and happiest person I have ever met.  But I know that God will help her.
   I know this is kind of a long letter but I am using it as a way to keep a journal and remember everything.  So be sure to make copies of all my letters and keep them safe!
   Thanks for all of the work to get me here!  I love you both so much!  It is amazing here!
  Love, Hermana Adair 

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