Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dec. 10, 2013

Thanks for writing me!  You liked Frozen?  All of my companions sisters have written them about it and have said they loved it!  I am excited to see it, we need to put it on the list for when I get back home.  Sledding sounds fun, but the cold and snow dont haha.  I love the weather here, it is paradise and I am scared to get to the cold of Denver.  You want a Kindle for Christmas.  haha and you say because of homework haha like I believe that!  Well good luck, I hope you get one.  All I want for Christmas is cards and letters from everyone.  With pictures drawn haha.  Have you gotten my letters yet?  It takes so dang long!  I love and miss you!
Your Sister!

What!  You didn´t write me this week!  Its ok, I guess I can forgive you.  But I even asked you a lot of questions.  What do you want for christmas?  tell me about sledding and playing in the snow.  Are you going to build a snowman?  Have you seen baby Camden yet?  I really miss you bud.  It is sad not to mess around with you every day, but I am having so much fun in Mexico!  It is warm, but I am inside most of the day studying!  Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode haha.  Love you!  Write me next week!
Love, Andee

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