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November 26, 2013

I am sitting here at the computer and honestly can´t think of anything to type haha.  Time has gone by so fast that I feel like I just emailed yesterday and nothing new has happened.  So my thoughts are not in order and this will probably be a super sporadic and confusing email.  Sorry.  

I love my compañera Hermana McRae!  We have gotten to the point that we know each other so good that all we do is make fun of each other and laugh so hard all of the time.  Actually I feel like my whole District is my family and we have always known each other.  I especially love the other Hermanas.  And guess what!? Hermana Heaton, who is entirely amazing and so much fun, is from St. George.  I forgot to tell you that earlier.  So we have already decided that we are basically going to be best friends for life and travel the world together.  We laugh together all of the time and have a lot of fun.  Hermana Moser is just a few hours north so she will come down some weekends and party with us.  And Hermana McRae and I will get together every time that I am down in Mesa visiting family.  It is awesome how we are all so close and connected.  You know the move "sisterhood of the traveling pants"?  Well we are going to have our own travelling scarf and send it back and forth throughout our mission.  Then we will have a CCM reunion at Disneyland where we will have a ceremony and burn the scarf in front of the castle.  JK, I don´t think that would fly well with security.
    We now have 2 investigators and it seemed like we are teaching all of the time.  Hermana McRae and I work really good together.  We usually don´t thoroughly plan and write out our entire lesson like the other missionaries.  We go in and just let the spirit work as best it can.  The first time we went into a lesson with nothing but our spanish scriptures we were freaking out a little bit.  Because what if we remembered no spanish! But it actually does work!  Our lessons flow and usually make sense and we basically finish each others sentence.  It is really cool and we love that we are basically perfect companions for each other.  We always feel pretty bomb after our lessons.
   Except for our lessons on Friday.  It was a really off day and just basically no bueno.  The Español was not flowing and it was a little rough.  but the outcome was good, our investigator Guirrmo basically begged to be baptized.  So we have a date set for that and now just need to make sure he understands the committment.  And we need to work with Elias more as well.
   Hermana McRae and I sing together all of the time.  She is basically amazing and makes me sound horrible but we have a lot of fun.  Our latest songs have been from Mama Mia haha!  It is a blast.  
  Actually weird thing, a lot of people have commented on how pretty my voice sounds when I sing.  At first I thought everyone was just being really big fat liars until I heard it multiple times.  But I can testify that it is God only making me comfortable with being bold and singling loud.  
    So last week I bragged about not being sick.  But bragging is a sin and now I am paying for it.  Basically the whole CCM is infected with a super bad virus that is a cold on steroids.  Actually its like a cold hulk style.  Just understand that it is pretty bad.  My whole District had it and now I have it.  I have already gone through over 2 packs of kleenix's today and it is not even 3 pm yet!  I hope I will get over it soon.  And Hermana McRae is the only one who has not been sick.  But I tell her she has no chance because she is my companion.  
   This Saturday and Sunday were really rough days for me.  I had the worst migraine I have ever had in my entire life.  Which is truly saying something.  It started Sat. and just escalated and went for almost 2 days straight.  I have never felt more pain then I did those two days.  It got to the point where my body would shake completely, I would get dizzy, throw up, and basically black out to where I couldnt see anything anymore.  It got really scary and I think I freaked my whole District out.  But it also brought the most amazing blessing and spiritual experience I have ever really had.  I asked for a blessing Sunday evening, (dont ask me why I waited to so long to get it.  The only defense I have is that I wasnt right in the head) from our District leader Elder Wegrowski.  He was terrified because he had never given a blessing before and was shaking beforehand.  And it was really cool because all of the Elders in my District joined in as well.  This was the most amazing blessing I have ever received.  It even beat my incredible setting apart from President Rollins.  
   This blessing was so different then anything else.  Just everything it said was so unexpected yet completely made sense.  I was told to do completely simple things and then I would be healed completely from my pain.  Stuff was said about my past that no one knows here.  And stuff was said about my mission in the future and it was totally freaky but incredible.  There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my blessing was from God.  I didn´t hear Elder Wegroskis voice as her spoke, I heard God´s.  It honestly felt more like a Patriachal blessing then just a blessing of healing.  
  After my blessing everyone was sobbing when I looked up.  The spirit was so strong.  It would have probably been too thick to even cut.  No one spoke for at least 15 minutes.  No one could.  And everyone admitted that it was the most spiritual experience they have ever felt in their entire life.  Words can not do it justice, I wish they could.  But I have no doubt that the power of priesthood is truly the power of God.  And this is an experience that I will treasure for my entire life.  And it brought my District together so much.  We really are a family.  
     I don´t know how I got so blessed to have God speak to me in such a profound way.  It blows my mind and I have so much to be grateful for.  I am just glad I am on a mission so I can repay him a fraction of what he has given me.      
But good news.  I have done exactly what I was  told in my blessing and now my migraine is gone.  And even though my cold is rough, I would take this for the rest of my entire life instead of having one day of my previous pain.  So I am completely happy!
   We went to the temple again today.  It was truly amazing.  Just with everything that has gone on and how much I felt loved and blessed by God, it was the best temple experience I have ever had.  And this time I also went through in Spanish.  It went good and I could understand a decent amount of what they were saying.  But when it came time for me to talk I messed up a bit and I think the little Hispanic Hermana got a little irritated with me.  She didn´t understand why I had no idea what she was saying.  But she was super nice afterwards haha  They were decorating the temple grounds for Christmas and covered practially the whole gardens with poinssetas(spelling is comletely wrong.  But the pretty red flowers that are everywhere during christmas)  I only wish we could go at night see all of the lights lit up.  We are thinking of bribing our teacher Hermana León and see what he says haha.  
     I am so sick of the food here.  I just want to eat normal things, especially fruit that I am not allergic to. (cantaloupe, honeydoo, and watermelon)  That is all they ever serve here. Besides some pinnapple occasionally, which is always amazing.  And now we play a game of "who can find the hot dog" first during every meal.  It is pretty depressing.    
 Well, I wish this letter was a little more entertaining or full of funny stories.  But I honestly can not think of anything else to say.  Except I truly have a testimony of this Gospel and it has just grown más grande this past few weeks here in the CCM.  I love everyone so much and can´t wait to have my family grow as I meet more and more people every week!  
-Love, Hermana Adair!

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