Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 15, 2014

     Hey family!  This will be a short email because we are leaving early from emails today!  But we had a great week!  A week filled with lots of lessons and lots of service!  We spent the first few days running around the city of Denver like crazy!  Basically teaching every hispanic we found and showing as many people as possible the "He Is The Gift" video.  That video is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world!  We have gotten in so many homes using it and the spirit is always so strong!  This week I think we had about 5 people crying because of the video.  It is so simple but sends such a strong message.  Everyone back home NEEDS to share it on facebook or with a nonmember friend.  It is the perfect missionary tool!
  On Wednesday we had exchanges and Sister Turner came with me to our area, while Sister Eldredge went with Sister Hancock to the english area.  I have heard a lot about Sister Turner, but we were always just on different sides of the mission.  But I loved getting to know her and she is such an awesome missionary!  I automatically just felt a lot of love for her!  And she is going to school at BYU, so I am secretly hoping we can be friends up at school haha.  But exchanges were great, we had a lot of lessons and our day was packed.  
   Then on Thursday we had more of a rough day.  Almost all of our lessons cancelled in the afternoon, so we decided to go tracting for a bit to see if we could find any new investigators.  So we started knocking this 3 story apartment building.  We knocked the first floor.  No luck.  We ran up to the second floor.  A few people opened their doors but no one would let us in.  No luck.  We ran up to the 3rd floor, and no luck.  Until the very last door, where we found the sweetest woman and her family.  We showed them the "He is the Gift" video and Juana loved it and her mother in law cried because she felt the spirit so strong.  They want help with their family and we told them that the gospel of Jesus Christ can help their family more then anything else.  So they committed to come to church next Sunday and we will also be seeing them a few times this week.  
    Then on Friday we had a very chaotic day of running around the city of Denver and helping our ward set up for the Christmas party the next day, and then helping the english branch with their program for their party.  It was busy but a lot of fun.  And I have to say,the gym for our party looked amazing!  I was really impressed with what our hispanic ward pulled off.  The party was a blast and we had more tamales and bunuelos then I think i have ever had in my entire life.  But the party was a lot of fun and there really are not words to describe how much I love this ward.  They are all a little bit crazy but that's why I love them all so much!!  
   Sandra is doing amazing!  She finally accepted that she needs to pray about if this is the right church for her.  She started out by asking if she could get baptized with the correct power (the priesthood) and then just continue going to her Catholic church.  And we were just like,,uuh.....  But then she said, "but oh, if I do want to get baptized with the correct power, then that means it is only your church that has that power.  So if I know that is true I probably won't want to continue going to my catholic church."  Thank goodness she realized that on her own haha.  She knows what she needs to do, it is just a hard change for her.  She compared the catholic church to mexican food haha.  It is what she has grown up and what she is used to.  It is just hard to change.  But she loves the Book of Mormon almost more then anyone else I know, and is already in the middle of Mosiah!!  I know that she will receive a strong answer soon and I can't wait for that day to happen!  
   The Banda family is great, we couldn't see them as much as we wanted this week, and they didn't come to church.  But I love them so much and we are so excited to teach them this week and help them progress faster.
    Then there is a woman Susanna who we having been teaching for a few weeks.  She is so sweet and loves everything that she is learning.  And she came to our ward Christmas party on Saturday and had so much fun!  She talked with so many members and felt really welcomed.  It was a huge blessing for us.  
   Anyway, the work is doing amazing and I love this area so much!  It will be a sad day when I leave!  I know this church is true with all of my heart and I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have in my life.  And the hope and happiness it gives me.  I love you all and am so thankful for the examples you are in my life!  Hasta la proxima semana!
Con amor,
  La hermana Adair

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