Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 8, 2014

  Alright, this was such a random week.  So many things happened that we were not expecting.  But hey, that's the mission.  
   This week we had interviews with President Murdock on Tuesday.  Nothing to exciting to talk about there.  Just that I love President and Sister Murdock and feel super lucky to have them here in the mission with us.  They are amazing missionaries and have helped me in so many ways.  Basically they are like our parents here in the mission.  And I think my life goal is to become like Sister Murdock one day.  She is a powerhouse.  
  Tuesday night we had a really good lesson with that woman Gloria we have been teaching for awhile.  We had a very serious discussion about her needing to take more steps to progress and that she needs to come to church with us.  She loves this gospel more then anything and really wants to get baptized.  She just can't seem to find the confidence to talk to her husband.  He is the reason she doesn't come to church and he is just kind of a punk.  It is so frustrating to deal with machistas como asi.  Gloria is so ready for this but can't take the step quite yet.  But I know that one day she will be baptized.
   Then this week we saw la familia Banda again.  The dad Jose, the wife Francisca, and their 3 gorgeous girls!  I love that family more then anything!!  We had an incredible lesson about the Plan of Salvacion and they all loved it.  Jose said it was just too good to be true, but he wanted it to be true for his family more then anything!  He is one of the best  fathers I have ever seen and he wants the best for his family.  I respect him a lot.  And Francisca loves us and all of their girls adore us! haha I think that only little kids like me now haha.  It is mainly because I give them stickers ;)  But anyway, we took the entire family on a church tour this week.  So they could know where the building is, where the classes are, and so they could feel comfortable coming to church on Sunday.  It was amazing and the spirit was so strong!  We ended in the chapel and had a very serious and spiritual discussion about baptism.  Both Jose and his wife wouldn't commit yet, but they want to know if this is true more then anything.  They said if they found out it was true they would be baptized the 28th of December.  Both Sister Eldredge and I have our fingers crossed.  I want to be here more then anything, but more then likely they will need a little more time.  We don't want to bush them away just because I want to be there.  It is whatever God wants to happen.  But they are incredible!
   Then we put a woman on date her very first lesson.  She has let a ton of different religions in her home trying to find the correct one.  And as soon as we came in she started asking us questions and wanting to know everything.  So we told her to chill for just a second, listen to our message, and then ask whatever questions she had.  She loved the message of the Restoration and it made so much sense to her.  She really wants to know if this is the true church.  So we will see what happens, but we are excited for her.  
   Then the woman Sandra is doing good.  The one who is Catholic and having a hard time to let go of her traditions when she knows this is the true church.  She knows what she needs to do she is just taking her time doing it.  And we will let her make that decision on her own.  She is just in denial right now hahaha.  But the next step after denial is acceptance!  So that is what we are waiting for.  But this week we showed her the movie, "The Testaments".  The one where Jesus Christ comes to the Americas.  She bawled at the ending, well actually we all did haha.  But the spirit was really strong and we are hoping she came closer to making her decision.  
   On Wednesday we did a lot of service helping our stake decorating for the giant Christmas concert they have every year with the Lakewood symphony.  So we spent about 5 hours decorating wreaths, putting trees together, and whatever manual labor we were ordered to do.  It was actually a lot of fun and we got to talk with a lot of the other sisters in our stake.  Plus it put us in the Christmas spirit.  And then we went to the Christmas concert with Ginette Friday night.  Before the concert we decided to get some street tacos for dinner, I mean come on, my new baby had to try the best tacos on Federal.  So we grabbed some tacos and sat in an alleyway right next to a vietnamese nail shop haha it doesn't get more ghetto then that!  And we were driving away, and literally, on the first street we got into an accident!  I couldn't believe my luck!!  I have never been in an accident my entire life and of course it had to happen on my mission when we had only been in the car for 30 seconds!!  Technically I was at fault, but the other car was being a complete idiot!  He could have missed us entirely, but nope.  We collided and then he sped off.  Probably didn't have a license of something.  Well, our front bumper fell off and our coolant tank exploded.  So we couldn't drive the car.  We ended up getting picked up while our car was towed, and since there was nothing else to do, we just went right to the Christmas concert.  I was so frustrated and felt so bad about everything.  But it could have been a lot worse.  No one was hurt and only the very front end of our car was damaged.  My poor new companion though.  haha She is a saint for putting up with me.  But the concert was really good and lifted our spirits and helped us remember the important things in life.  But yeah, I couldn't believe that happened.  And the next day we got a really nice brand new car.  So I was super jumpy all day driving and didn't want anything else to happen.
   And then this weekend happened.  Ever since Sister Eldredge has been here we have had amazing numbers and amazing days filled with lessons.  Until this weekend.  Everyone cancelled on us and no one was home.  And we were expecting 10 people at church with us this week!  They all said the night before that they would be there.  But not a single person showed up Sunday morning.  I was livid.  On a mission you see a lot of days like that.  Where people use their free agency to make dumb choices.  So this weekend wasn't too bad for me, I have had plenty of days like that in my time.  But this was something completely new for my companion.  And I think it was good for her.  It is good to be reminded about how hard we have to work to see results but also that this work isn't about us.  No matter what we do, it doesn't change the fact that people have their choice.  And that no matter how beautifully we teach and testify, they won't act unless the spirit touches their hearts.  The spirit is the real teacher here and we just kind of stand around like mannequins.  We have a purpose but it really isn't the main point.  This work truly is so humbling and has helped me realize that with my own strength I can do nothing and I am nothing.  But with God and his strength I can see miracles and do anything that he needs me to do.
   So last week I mentioned something that the church is doing during Christmas time to hasten the work and help other people feel the spirit.  They put together a video called "He Is the Gift."  It is an amazing video that makes a person feel the spirit so strong and helps them be reminded about their Savior Jesus Christ.  The church has bought a billboard on Times Square for this entire month and yesterday they bought they head page on Youtube.  So they are going all out on this.  But this video has helped us get into so many homes and help families feel the spirit.  Every one today has a smart phone so it is cool to just walk up to someone on the street, ask if they have seen the video, and then show it to them right then and there.  But we are trying to get everyone to share it on Facebook and show it to their friends and families.  Especially the non-members.  It is a great missionary tool!  Everyone loves Christmas and everyone loves Christ this time of year.  So it isn't anything too pushy or that make people put up a wall from the beginning.  Here is the link to the video  or you can find it on youtube under "He is the Gift."   But I want to invite everyone to post this video on Facebook, Pinterest, or what ever social site you use, and share it with all of your friends.  Help in the hastening of the work and in changing people's lives through the spirit.  
   I love this work more then anything!  And I love being able to serve my Savior this time of year when we celebrate his birth.  It is a huge priviledge and I feel so lucky to be there!  Thanks for all the support I have back home!  Les quiero muchisimo!!!  

Con Amor,
   La Hermana Adair
p.s. if you want to see the "He is the Gift" video in spanish here is the link.  I have watched it ways more times in spanish.  But it might just be something cool.

um....our car.  Poor thing.

My baby and her first baptism!!!

Us at the Chirstmas Concert andthe Temple

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  1. This seemed like a very busy week for you! That accident was very scary, though at least no one was hurt. It's interesting to see that while you may say that you're at fault, the other driver sped off. Maybe he thought he was to blame? It's too bad your car was banged up, and is most likely damaged beyond repair; but at least you guys are safe. Take care!

    Jerry Brady @ Lambert & Williams Lawyers