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October 20, 2014

Buenos Dias mis amores!
Well, today I am feeling super lazy.  Mainly because I am sore all over from doing insane workouts this week and just want to curl up on my bed and drink hot chocolate all day.  BUT, because of my love for all of you I will persevere and type through the laziness and soreness. 
   Well this week went insanely fast.  What's new.  Monday was uneventful.  And Tuesday was my birhtday!  It was really weird to think that it was my birthday.  I didn't want to make a big deal about it, just keep being a missionary.  Which is exactly what happened :)  We had lesson after lesson and it was a great day!  The weather was perfect and we just had fun.  And a member, Alberto, found out that it was my birthday and acted like he had this huge surprise waiting for me at the church.  I was terrified.  If you knew Alberto you would understand.  But when we got into the church we found a giant cake waiting for me!  It was such a cool cake and had a picture of me on it....well in frosting form.  I think he had someone from the ward make it just for me.  It was fun and we shared it with my entire district.  And to everyone, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, cards, and gifts!  It truly means a lot to me!
   Ok, has everyone heard of Ebola yet?  I'm pretty sure everyone already knows what i'm talking about.  I mean, if we as missionaries have heard, then that means the rest of the world already knows.  Anyway, on thursday we received a random text from a member, (alberto nontheless) that said, Ebola was in Denver and that he wanted us to take preventive medications right away.  It was from Alberto, who is a little dramatic, so we didn't panic completely.  But I have to admit, we were a little freaked.  As missionaries we have no idea what goes on in the real world.  A zombie apocalypse could happen and we would be clueless.  But no worries.  We are still alive here and no one is puking up organs quite yet..
   Anyway, the work is picking up and we have some amazing people in our teaching pool.  The 2 who are our favorite are Jesus and Tania.  Jesus is the son of our favorite member, Lupe Calderon, and him and his girlfriend just had their second baby.  The blessed the baby in church and say they are now ready to be baptized!  They are such an adorable family and know this church is true.  Well, Jesus does, and his wife Tania is trying to find out so she can be baptized with her family if she feels it is right.  We are so excited for them!  The only thing standing in their way is marriage.  BUT, Jesus is picking out the ring now and since they already have 2 kids they don't feel a need to have a giant wedding.  Just something fast.  But we are hoping that they will be baptized the 16th of november!  We might need to see a miracle, but God is a God of miracles!  And everything is possible with Him in our lives!
   Gloria is still progressing and thinking about baptism.  But we do not believe she is married to her husband, which causes huge problems.  Most men here don't ever want to get married....  Story of my life as a missionary :(  And then there is an adorable woman named Alma Rosa who we always eat with.  She runs a little stand of mexican corn and other things and she is hilarious.  She has family who are strong members of the church and already knows a ton about our beliefs.  She wants to come to church with us and loves us coming over.  She has amazing questions and really wants to find some answers.  She has been prepared for 20 years and now just needs to be baptized!!
   This weekend we had exchanges.  So I went to serve in my first english area for a day, and another sister came to our area with Sister Stoeltzing.  Well, english is super different.  And I have to say, I am so glad that I am a spanish missionary.  Everything is so much better haha.  And I am probably only saying this because I am just used to spanish.  But I feel super lucky to work with the hispanic culture-it really has changed my life.  But yeah, exchanges were fine.  It is always fun to get to know other sister missionaries.
   And the highlight of my week was on Saturday.  Yesenia came to Denver and took us out to lunch with her fiance Claudio!!  YES!  Yesenia from Eagle came up and it was the best day of my entire life!  When I first saw her I couldn't help but run up to hug her!  We had the best time ever and just laughed and talked.  And it was awesome because I could actually talk to her for real this time now that I am so much better at spanish.  I felt like I was just having lunch with some of my best friends.  And I love her fiance Claudio so much!  He just got baptized this summer and is such a good man.  They are the perfect pair.  They are already planning to go to the next General Conference together!  It is so cute!
   Words cannot explain how incredible Yesenia is doing!  She is now getting her patriachal blessing the 4th of November.  She is the primary secretary and has a calling in the relief society presidency.  And she is counting down the days until she can go to the temple!  (but i am secretly hoping she will put it off for a month so I can be there with her:) She is just an amazing example and it meant the world to see how happy she was and how she is changing the people around her.  And her and Claudio are planning to take Me, Sister Flores, and Sister Arnold to Lake Powell next summer so we can all have an entire week together and just have fun.  I cannot wait!  
   These couple of months have been a little rough for me.  Full of disapointment and discouragement.  But seeing Yesenia made everything better.  I would go through a life time of disappointment and hardships just to see her happy and give her the gospel.  Even if I never see another baptism or another person come unto Christ, I would be completely satisfied.  It would all be worth it.  I just love that woman and her entire family so much.  
   Oh yeah, and one more crazy story to share.  We are pretty sure that a murderer lives in the apartment above us.  And it kind of freaks us out.  We have now bought pepper spray and have put blankets up on our windows.  Please pray for us haha.
   Well, this was a long rant of an email.  But I know this church is true with all of my heart!  And I love this gospel.  And one of the reasons that I love my mission so much is because it has taught me how to live the gospel for the rest of my life.  Not just how to be a member.  But how to actively participate in the work of salvation and how to become truly converted!  I hope that everyone back home is finding those ways to share this amazing gospel we have to those around them.  And that everyone can find a friend to take to Meet the Mormons.  That is the entire purpose of the film.  To enlighten the people on who mormons truly are.  To show that we are followers of Christ and that His gospel truly is a lifestyle!  I love you all and am thankful for the support I have back home!  
   Con Amor,
 La Hermana Adair

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