Thursday, December 18, 2014

November 10, 2014

        Ok well, this was a great week!  Well for the most part.  It was definitely a week of miracles.  
  To start off, well, Halloween was great last week.  We had an awesome ward party and it was super fun to watch all of the little kids run around in their costumes.  Sorry I didn't write a big email last week.  I figured that all of the pictures could make up for it :)  
   But this week we are teaching an INCREDIBLE woman named Ginette.  She just moved back from Mexico about a month ago and she is really good friends with a member who goes to the english ward.  She has always admired the church and what it does for families and has really wanted to change her life.  So we have been teaching her for a few weeks and she is amazing!  Really.  There are not words to express how great she is.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and has even come to church!!!!  We had an incredible lesson with her this week and she talked about all the blessings she has seen from this gospel.  She told us that she wants to cry all the time when she thinks about it, but that they are tears of happiness.  And that now she has hope and a reason to live.  Not that she was depressed of anything.  But this gospel provides so much of a light in ones life and it changes everything.  If provides a happily ever after that really lasts for forever!  And Ginette has realized this and told us she is ready to be baptized!  So she is getting baptized on the 30th of November and she is AMAZING!  One of my favorite people in the entire world!  I know that she is truly converted and will stay converted the rest of her life.  Man, moments like these make me love my mission and realize how  blessed I am to be here and be a part of these people's lives.  I will keep you all updated on her.
   And now, here is a super sad story from the week.  We have been teaching a "golden" guy named Jose and he has loved learning about our church.  And last week we had a miracle where him and his wife AND his daughter all came to church.  We were so excited!  But it was testimony meeting, which can always be a little sketchy for investigators, especially in the hispanic wards.  But as soon as the first hour was over they basically ran our of the building and we didn't have a chance to talk to them.  Until Saturday night.  We knocked on the door and Jose's wife answered.  They said they were not interested anymore.  That they were looking for a church that actually talked about God and Jesus Christ.  Not one that gave more thanks to a random man named Joseph Smith and that the members only liked to talk about their problems.  
    What they said cut us so deep.  They thought that our church didn't even talk about God most of the time.  We tried explaining about testimony meeting and why joseph smith is important, and that he is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But nothing would get to them.  We were so heartbroken.  Because they just shut down so much happiness in their lives without even giving it a shot.  There were not just shutting us down, but they were shutting Christ down as well.  I guess that what they said was so hurtful because it was disregarding everything that we believe and hold sacred.  Kind of sad.  But I have never had someone so rude to us that we were close to and good friends.  Very sad how people can change so fast.  
   But as members, we never realize the people who are watching us and listening to every word we say.  It was a few weird testimonies from Sunday that stopped them from wanted this gospel.  Never forget the impact you have on every single person you come in contact with.  That we are always representatives of Jesus Christ.  And we need to act like that in every single moment of our lives.  No matter where we are or what we are doing.  
   Anyway, enough with the depressing news.  I have some fantastic news now.  Do you remember the girl Nayeli that I have been teaching for awhile?  Well, anyway, she was super close to baptism 2 weeks ago but something was holding her back.  She was basically just really scared.  So last week she gave me a call and asked if we could come over the next day.  That she had something she had to tell me and that it was really serious.  So I said yes of course.  But when I asked what was going on, she hung up on me!!  I was furious!  So the next day we went over to her house, and the YSA elders were already there and her good friend from the YSA ward.  She sat us down and immediately said "I just have to let you know, that I can't do this anymore.  I have been feeling pushed and I just can't.  I don't feel happy anymore and I just don't want you guys to come over.  I'm done.  I just can't do it.  I am so sorry."  And then she just looked over at me and just kept saying sorry over and over again.  Obviously my heart dropped to the floor and I just wanted to cry.  But I told her not to apologize, that this was her life and we didn't want her to get baptized for us.  Basically I just wanted her to know that she was loved.  And I don't remember what she said next, but she was talking when all of a sudden she screamed and pointed at me saying "and you're speaking at my baptism!!!"  Then she ran up and hugged us....  We were so shocked and so confused.  Honestly I had no idea what was going on.  haha but it was hilarious!  They seriously got us really good.  And all of the Elders were laughing hysterically.  AND, they got it all on video, our reaction.  
   So anyway, Nayeli made the decision to be baptized all on her own!  She said she has never  been happier then she has been now.  And that if this gospel is what has made her happy, then she wants to be a part of it.  I was so proud of her.  It has been a long 4 months with her.  But she got baptized this saturday and confirmed on Sunday!  Best day ever!  It felt amazing to see someone brought to Christ through baptism!  And the spirit was so strong.  It was exactly what I needed to keep me going these next few months!  But I love Nayeli so much and am so excited for her and the life she is going to have!!!!  And I spoke at her baptism about the Holy Ghost!
   Anyway, I love missionary work and being apart of people's lives here in Colorado!  I love this gospel more then anything and I love being a follower of my Savior Jesus Christ!  It has brought me more happiness then I ever thought was possible!  
  I love you all and hope that everything is going good!  Never forget that we should be strengthening our testimonies every single day!  And that missionary work is the most important we could ever do here in this life.  
   Con amor, 
  La Hermana Adair

                                                                         Nayeli and everyone who came!
Nayeli and I!

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