Thursday, December 18, 2014

September 8, 2014 
Weekly Update!!
Well, this week was frustrating haha.  But I have accepted that it might continue on like this for awhile.  We are literally teaching almost no one.  Which is never heard of as a spanish missionary serving in Denver.  We have no idea what is going on, just that the Lord is testing our faith.  We went tracting this week and did a survey approach that is a tool to help us get more new investigators.  But with no success.  We are thinking that it is because Labor Day was this week, holidays always mess things up :(
  Honestly, at times it is hard to find the motivation to get up every single day and work my butt off.  Especially since we aren't really seeing Clara anymore.  She was the reason I was doing things.  But then I realized something this week.  I am not doing this work for me and my satisfaction.  And I am not doing this work to help these people of Colorado.  I realized that I am doing this for my Savior and no one else.  This completely changed my outlook on missionary work.  It makes me so full of joy and happiness even though the work is slow and completely frustrating.  Because I love my Savior and I would do anything for him.  And as long as I am doing his will I am completely satisfied with my life.     
But we have faith for some amazing miracles to happen.  We have had to let go of people who aren't progressing to find those people who are truly prepared by the Lord.  Hopefully I will have some better updates next week:)
   We had an awesome missionary activity this weekend that we as missionaries put on.  It was a back to school theme.  We started with dinner, then a church tour, and ended the night off with activities.  It was so much fun and actually decently successful.  I truly do love our ward, no matter how crazy they are haha.
   And then we have been teaching english classes every week, which I forgot to mention.  They keep growing bigger and bigger every week.  I love it and it makes me realize that I actually can speak spanish haha.  At times I get super insecure about my spanish, and when that happens I can't speak.  But if I just have confidence in the gift that God gave me I can speak just fine haha.  It is funny how that works out.  
   Well I love this work and I love my mission.  Plus the weather is getting a little cooler so I don't want to die every single day of my life anymore haha.  Sister Torres is great and an amazing missionary!!!  
   I love you all!
Con amor,
   La Hermana Adair
Us and Yereli and Beto.  I love those 2 kids!  Yereli is so Ghetto Fabulous!!
Then us with Alberto.  He is a member, speaks only spanish, and helps the missionaries a ton!

Me and Sister Tew at the Denver Stadium.
Me and Sister Gailey

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