Thursday, December 18, 2014

November 24, 2014

     This was an amazing week!!!  I honestly have the  best companion ever!  Sister Eldredge really is amazing!  She is just fresh out of the MTC and already is an INCREDIBLE missionary!  Her spanish is awesome and she has no problem jumping in the lessons and teaching.  She is so much better then I was at that time!  In a few months she will probably be the best missionary in the entire mission haha!  But what I love about her is her fire!  She is so ready to run from door to door and proclaim this gospel!  She is just awesome and we get along so good!  We have some amazing plans for this Christmas season and I know that will we have an awesome transfer!  So I got super lucky this transfer, Sister Eldredge was exactly what I needed to stay strong these last few months on my mission.
  But anyway, this week has been amazing!  We worked our butts off and we saw so many miracles!  First of all, Ginette is still getting baptized this next weekend and she is perfect!  She is that perfect "Golden" investigator that everyone hopes to find on their mission.  Where she is perfectly prepared and gets baptized about a month later.  She has helped my testimony grow so much by the example that she is to me.  Her testimony is so strong and I am amazed at the things she shares with us.  And she goes to church on her own every single week and this week she came to our ward Thanksgiving dinner.  I just love her so much and can not wait for her baptism this weekend!
   Yeah, so on Friday was our ward party.  It was a blast!  I just love this ward so much!  There was tons of food, the only way that hispanics know how to party :). And it was fun just to go around and talk with everyone and enjoy ourselves.  And we had 2 investigators come, Ginette and a woman named Alma Rosa.  She is the woman that owns the corn stand we would eat at sometimes.  But Alma Rosa is super social so as soon as she walked in she just went off by herself and mingled with all of the members.  It was great!  
   Alma Rosa is doing good but she has a problem keeping commitments.  She basically has to be babysat to do anything, which is not ideal for us as missionaries.  On Saturday night she told us she was going to church, but when we called Sunday morning she said that she couldn't.  But we were not taking no for an answer.  Sometimes you have to know when to push your investigators or the give them some space.  Alma Rosa needed a little push.  So we went by her house and convinced her 19 year old son, Victor, to take her to church!  And church was awesome!  They stayed for all 3 hours and in the gospel principles class they asked so many questions.  Actually the entire class went super missionary on them and tried teaching just those 2 for like 15 mins.  It got kind of loud and out of control haha Hispanics love to be heard and talk over each other.  So we finally had to stand up and say that we were going to teach them that lesson later that day so the class could continue on.  It was hilarious and just reminded me that I love this ward no matter how crazy they are!  
   This week we found an amazing family and taught them the lesson of the Restoration.  It completely blew their mind and they said they had never heard anything like this before.  But it made so much sense to hem and they really wanted to find our on their own if it was true or not.  Hna. Eldredge and I are so excited to teach them again and help them to progress.  
   Anyway, we have a lot of great investigators and we are excited to help them progress, especially during this Christmas season.  This Christmas is going to be amazing!  On Saturday we had a zone meeting and talked about what the church is doing this season to help missionary work and to advertise our church.  IT IS AMAZING!  This really is the time where the Lord is hastening his work and the prophet and apostles are doing everything they can to prepare this world for when our Savior comes again.  Because the  church is going all out this year!  And it is the perfect time to be a missionary because people's hearts will be softened and what the church is doing will be able to reach everyone!  
     But funny story for the week.  So we had a guy sit us down and tell us his religious beliefs.  He knows that Christ came down on the earth and did many things.  But he also knows that now God himself is on the earth......  He is actually a black man from West Africa.  He brought out his Bible to prove his point and he actually had a picture of this man in a red cloak taped in the back of his bible.  And then he showed us how he prayed and it was super weird, with a lot of kneeling, praising, and random gestures.  But the funny thing was, this was a white man who spoke spanish, but somtimes he had a southern accent and the other times he sounded like he was from Ireland.??  It was the most random thing and some of the weirdest things I have ever heard haha.  We meet some crazy people here on our missions!  
   Anyway, I love you all so much and hope that this Thanksgiving week is amazing!  I love this gospel and I am so thankful for the blessing it is in my life!  
Con amor,
   La Hermana Adair  

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