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October 27, 2014     

         Well, what a week.  Literally it was a week filled with a lot of miracles and a lot of disappointment.  But hey, what's new.  
Monday was a normal day, nothing special.  Tuesday we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with a woman named Sandra.  Two of her stepdaughters are LDS and are ready to come back to church after years of being inactive, and Sandra is super excited about learning more!  We had 2 lessons with her this week and she is loving everything she is learning.  She loves the  book of mormon and wants to try and read as much of it as she can before next week!  She really is so prepared and we are hoping to get the entire family involved.  Her husband used to go to our church with his ex-wife but was never baptized. That's how his two daughters were baptized at 8 years old.  But we already love that family so much and they love us!  We even went to Catalina's baby shower saturday afternoon at their house for about an hour.  It was a Halloween/baby theme and a lot of fun.  People dressed up, we played games, and ate dinner there.  It was really good for us to go because it showed that family that we are really there for them.
   This week we talked a lot with Kathy.  She is a member who used to be strong but became really less active this summer.  She feels like the ward abandoned her and it has been really hard for her to come back.  But this week she finally came to church and loved being there!  After church she texted us this huge message about how thankful she is for what we have been doing for her.  It was very special and meant a lot.  Then we have talking a lot more with Steven Luna.  He is a 18 yr old boy, actually our ward mission leaders son, and has  been pretty in active.  But he wants to go on a mission so we have been working with him on that.  He wants to go but it is hard to take the steps for him.  But we are fasting with him this week to give him the strength to do it and he has an appointment with the bishop tomorrow.  So we are excited.  All he has to do is sign the papers and he is done!  
    Gloria is still doing decent, but not great.  She was supposed to come to church with us on Sunday but then backed out the last moment. :( not cool.  Alma Rosa is doing great, but she didn't come to church as well.  Man, I don't know why church is the hardest thing for people to do.  It is almost impossible to get them to come.  Sundays have literally become the worst days ever because nothing works out as it should.  But it has taught me a lot of patience and perseverance.  
   Friday we saw a huge miracle!!  We knocked into this man Jose and he was perfect.  He talked about not being into religion, he was raised Jehovahs Witness and that was just way too much for him.  But as soon as we started sharing our message he was hooked and could not stop listening or asking  questions.  He asked if we could bring a member to his house next time, so he could get to know a few people in the church.  He asked if we could come over the next day to teach his wife.  And then he asked if it was okay for him to come to church with us on Sunday.  Our jaws dropped.  No one does this.  NO ONE.  And that came from a mexican man, which is even a bigger miracle.  He didn't end up coming to church with us :(  but we are super excited to teach him this week.  
   And one more miracle.  Do you remember the girl Nayeli who we were teaching for awhile?  Well we gave her over to the singles ward elders because it was better for her to go over to the singles ward.  But she loves me like crazy and needs a lot of support so we still keep in touch and are there for her.  But on Saturday we had a giant lesson with us, the elders, nayeli, and her friend.  It was about baptism.  We all kneeled together and prayed if baptism was what Nayeli needed to do.  And she was overcome with so much emotion.  She cried and she was angry because she doesn't like feeling weak and she was confused.  She knows she needs to be baptized now but it is just really scary for her.  But I was so excited for her!  We are shooting for the 9th of November.  Her baptism won't count on my record  for numbers, but to me it will count.  I have been teaching her for 3 months and have seen her entire change!  She really is doing great and I can not wait to see her get baptized!  I love her!  
   Anyway, this week we saw a lot of miracles and have so many people who are serious about finding the truth in their lives.  Not just the usual they like hearing about God crap that we usually get.  But this weekend was also rough.  Saturday and Sunday nothing worked out for us.  Absolutely nothing.  All of our lessons cancelled.  The 5 people we had rides to come to church all ended up backing out.  It was sad.  But it is just teaching us to hold on to our faith, keep working, and appreciate the miracles that we do see.  
     And I have had a lot of requests to write a little more about my companion Sister Stoeltzing.  Basically she is a gorgeous blonde from California.  She is hilarious and we have a lot of fun together.  We are both really sarcastic so we kind of just play off of one another, which is fun.  We have the same taste in music.  She is a lot cooler then me and she is going to BYU-I  right after Christmas.  She only has a year left until she graduates.  At the moment I can't think of anything else to say...
   Well, this next week is Halloween and I am super excited!  Today we are going out and getting our costumes.... any guesses and what it is going to be?  
   I love my mission so much and I love this gospel.  I hope that every one realized that they are missionaries as well.  Actually your job is more important then my job!  But as members it is our duty to preach the gospel.  Joseph Smith said, "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel."  Never forget that.  
  I love you all!
-La Hermana Adair

We had dinner with Alma Rosa again at the corn stand.  So much fun. 
And I am not quite sure why I look like death in these pictures??  Must have been a rough day.

                                                                              My super cute companion. 
She has a dark side.

                                       Gloria's daughter Pamela who adores me more then anyone!
Sister Stoeltzing and I were pirates (i created the costume, and was very proud of myself :), and then the other sisters were Gypsies.

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